11 Facts About Mr Holmes


Mr Holmes is a 2015 mystery film directed by Bill Condon, based on Mitch Cullin's 2005 novel A Slight Trick of the Mind, and featuring the character Sherlock Holmes.

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Over time, Roger's prodding helps Mr Holmes remember the case ; he knows he must have failed somehow, as it resulted in his retirement from the detective business.

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Almost 30 years earlier, after the First World War had ended and Watson had married and left Baker Street, Thomas Kelmot approached Mr Holmes to find out why his wife Ann had become estranged from him after suffering two miscarriages.

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Mr Holmes followed Ann around London and observed her seemingly preparing to murder her husband – forging cheques in her husband's name and cashing them, confirming the details of his will, buying poison, paying a man, and checking train schedules.

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Mr Holmes deduced her true intentions: to have gravestones made for her and her miscarried children and then kill herself.

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Mr Holmes was tempted, but instead advised her to return to her husband.

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Mr Holmes later learned that Ann succeeded in killing herself by stepping in front of an oncoming train.

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Years before, Umezaki's father had gone to England on business and never returned; he had sent a letter explaining that Mr Holmes had persuaded him to remain there and forget his family in Japan.

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Later, Mr Holmes discovers Roger lying unconscious in the garden, covered in insect stings.

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Mr Holmes stops her, having realised that the culprits are actually wasps; Roger had found a nearby nest and tried to flood it in order to protect the apiary, but the wasps swarmed on him instead.

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Back home, Mr Holmes writes his first work of fiction: a letter to Umezaki, telling him that his father was a brave, honourable man who worked secretly and effectively for the British Empire.

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