11 Facts About Muhammadiyah


Muhammadiyah ; known as the Muhammadiyah Society is a major Islamic non-governmental organization in Indonesia.

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Since its establishment, Muhammadiyah has adopted a reformist platform mixing religious and secular education, primarily as a way to promote the upward mobility of Muslims toward a 'modern' community and to purify Indonesian Islam of local syncretic practices.

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In 2008, Muhammadiyah was considered the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia with 29 million members.

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Therefore, since its beginning Muhammadiyah has been very concerned with maintaining tawhid and refining monotheism in society.

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In establishing schools, Muhammadiyah received significant help from the Boedi Oetomo, an important nationalist movement in Indonesia in the first half of the twentieth century, which provided teachers.

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The leader of Muhammadiyah said the members of his organisation are free to align themselves with political parties of their choosing, provided such parties have shared values with Muhammadiyah.

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In 2008, with 29 million members, Muhammadiyah was the second largest Muslim organization in Indonesia, after Nahdlatul Ulama.

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The main focus of the Muhammadiyah movement is to heighten people's sense of moral responsibility, purifying their faith to true Islam.

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Muhammadiyah strongly opposes syncretism, where Islam had coalesced with animism and with Hindu-Buddhist elements that were spread among communities from the pre-Islamic period.

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Muhammadiyah opposes the tradition of Sufism that allows a Sufi leader to be the formal authority over Muslims.

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Muhammadiyah organisation has a number of universities which are spread out in several provinces of Indonesia, such as:.

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