15 Facts About Neale Hanvey


James Neale Hanvey was born on 28 December 1964 and is a Scottish politician serving as the Leader of the Alba Party in the House of Commons since 2021, and the Member of Parliament for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath since 2019.


Neale Hanvey was the SNP member and spokesperson for the Health and Social Care Select Committee and he was briefly SNP Spokesperson on the Covid Vaccine Deployment.


Neale Hanvey was educated at Glenrothes High School before starting a twenty-five year career in the National Health Service.


Neale Hanvey has been a contributing author to medical textbooks.


Neale Hanvey was elected as MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath at the 2019 general election, gaining the seat from the Labour Party's shadow Scottish secretary Lesley Laird by a majority of 1,243 votes.


Neale Hanvey sat as an independent MP upon his election.


Neale Hanvey appeared before the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities to apologise in person and thank them for their "generosity of spirit and willingness to help" during this time.


In March 2020, the SNP's conduct committee agreed that Neale Hanvey should be readmitted to the party in May 2020.


On 2 July 2020 it was announced that Neale Hanvey had been appointed as the SNP member and spokesperson for the Westminster Health and Social Care Select Committee.


In November 2020, a year after his suspension, Neale Hanvey was elected to the SNP's Member Conduct Committee.


In February 2021, Neale Hanvey lost his role as the SNP's vaccine spokesperson after refusing to apologise for publicly backing a crowdfunding campaign for a defamation case against several individuals, including SNP MP Kirsty Blackman.


In March 2021, Neale Hanvey left the SNP to join the newly formed Alba Party and then stood as a candidate in the Mid Scotland and Fife region in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election.


Neale Hanvey has signed the Women's Pledge, which originated amongst members of the SNP.


Neale Hanvey later claimed he was personally targeted for doing so.


Neale Hanvey has called for an end to arms sales to Saudi Arabia from Scottish weapons manufacturers due to the Saudi atrocities in Yemen.