20 Facts About Neiman Marcus


Neiman Marcus Group, Inc, is an American integrated luxury retailer headquartered in Dallas, Texas, which owns Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Horchow, and Last Call.

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In spite of the Panic of 1907 set off only a few weeks after its opening, Neiman Marcus was instantly successful, and its first several years of operation were quite profitable.

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In 1927 the store expanded and Neiman Marcus premiered the first weekly retail fashion show in the United States.

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In 1968 the company merged with Broadway-Hale Stores, Inc, which enabled Neiman Marcus to expand at a much faster pace than would have been possible as an independent entity.

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Neiman Marcus had served as president and chairman of the board for the company.

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Neiman Marcus had been the architect behind the fashion shows, New York advertising for a strictly regional chain, in-store art exhibits, and the Christmas catalog with its outlandish His-and-Hers gifts, including vicuna coats, a pair of airplanes, "Noah's Ark", camels, and live tigers.

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In October 2013, the Neiman Marcus Group was sold for $6 billion to Ares Management and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board.

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Neiman Marcus has been attracting younger customers, with the average age falling by seven years from pre-pandemic levels, from the mid-40s to the high-30s.

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Unlike many of its department-store contemporaries, Neiman Marcus is still in operation today under the original name and is still headquartered in the city where it began.

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Neiman Marcus operates 36 Neiman Marcus stores in the United States and two Bergdorf Goodman stores in Manhattan.

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Neiman Marcus operates five "Last Call" clearance centers and two Horchow Finale Furniture Outlets.

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Neiman Marcus Direct conducts both print catalog and online operations under the Neiman Marcus, Horchow and Bergdorf Goodman brand names.

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Neiman Marcus Group owned majority interest in Kate Spade LLC, a manufacturer of handbags and accessories.

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In 2013, Neiman Marcus settled a federal claim for falsely claiming that some of their products contained fake fur when tests by the Humane Society of the United States showed it was actually real fur from raccoon dogs.

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Neiman Marcus did not admit guilt, but promised to adhere to federal fur labeling laws for the next twenty years.

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In 2014 Neiman Marcus acquired German luxury fashion e-commerce platform mytheresa.

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Since 1939, Neiman Marcus has issued an annual Christmas catalog, which gets much free publicity from the national media for a tradition of unusual and extravagant gifts not sold in its stores.

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In 1952, Stanley Neiman Marcus introduced a new tradition of having extravagant and unusual gifts in each year's Christmas catalog, The Christmas Book.

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The idea was sparked when journalist Edward R Murrow contacted Marcus to ask if the store would be offering anything unusual that might interest his radio listeners;.

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In 2012, Neiman Marcus partnered with Target Corporation to create a holiday collection featuring 24 designers from the Council of Fashion Designers of America .

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