19 Facts About Netscape


Netscape Communications Corporation was an American independent computer services company with headquarters in Mountain View, California and then Dulles, Virginia.

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Netscape developed SSL which was used for securing online communications before its successor TLS took over.

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Netscape stock traded from 1995 until 1999 when the company was acquired by AOL in a pooling-of-interests transaction ultimately worth US$10 billion.

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In February 1998, approximately one year prior to its acquisition by AOL, Netscape released the source code for its browser and created the Mozilla Organization to coordinate future development of its product.

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Netscape was the first company to attempt to capitalize on the emerging World Wide Web.

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Meanwhile, Netscape faced increasing criticism for "featuritis" – putting a higher priority on adding new features than on making their products work properly.

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Netscape experienced its first bad quarter at the end of 1997 and underwent a large round of layoffs in January 1998.

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Netscape publicly released the source code of Netscape Communicator 5.

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Netscape was not a plaintiff in the case, though its executives were subpoenaed and it contributed much material to the case, including the entire contents of the 'Bad Attitude' internal discussion forum.

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Netscape had its own programming staff devoted to the development and support for the series of web browsers.

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Additionally, Netscape maintained the Propeller web portal, which was a popular social-news site, similar to Digg, which was given a new look in June 2006.

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In 1998, an informal group called the Mozilla Organization was formed and largely funded by Netscape to coordinate the development of Netscape 5, which would be based on the Communicator source code.

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Netscape introduced a new AOL-free-version of the browser suite.

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On June 11,2007, Netscape announced Netscape Mercury, a standalone email and news client that was to accompany Navigator 9.

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Netscape operated a search engine, Netscape Search, which now redirects to AOL Search.

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Netscape NewsQuake is Netscape's news and opinion blog, including video clips and discussions.

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Netscape ISP is a dial-up Internet service once offered at US$9.

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Netscape drove much traffic from various links included in the browser menus to its web properties.

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The new AOL Netscape site was originally previewed in August 2007 before moving the existing site in September 2007.

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