21 Facts About Newport Beach


Newport Beach is a coastal city in South Orange County, California, United States.

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Upper Bay of Newport Beach is a canyon carved by a stream in the Pleistocene period.

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Present-day Newport Beach exists upon the unceded homelands of the Tongva people, and they have a historical and continued presence as the traditional caretakers of the land.

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Areas of Newport Beach include Corona del Mar, Balboa Island, Balboa Peninsula, Lido Peninsula, Newport Coast, San Joaquin Hills, Santa Ana Heights, and West Newport.

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Newport Beach Harbor is a semi-artificial harbor that was formed by dredging Newport Beach Bay estuary during the early 1900s.

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Newport Beach Bay is divided by the Pacific Coast Highway bridge, which is too low for most sailboats and very large boats to pass under.

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Upper Newport Beach Bay is an estuary that was formed by a prehistoric flow of the Santa Ana River.

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Much of Upper Newport Beach Bay is a protected natural area known as the Upper Newport Beach Bay Ecological Reserve, established in 1975.

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Newport Beach has a mid-latitude semi-arid climate with characteristics of a warm-summer Mediterranean climate .

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Housing prices in Newport Beach ranked eighth highest in the United States in a 2009 survey.

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Newport Beach is home to one Fortune 500 company, insurer Pacific Life.

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Fletcher Jones Motor Cars in Newport Beach is the largest Mercedes-Benz dealership in the world.

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Toyota has a design center, Calty Design Research, in Newport Beach which is responsible for the exterior design of the 2nd, 5th, and 7th generation Celica, as well as some Lexus and Scion models.

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Newport Beach is known for good surfing, especially between Newport Pier and the Santa Ana River.

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Fashion Island at Newport Beach Center is a regional shopping and entertainment destination.

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Newport Beach has supported Republican candidates for president and governor consistently since at least 1962.

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Newport Beach has 8 fire stations spread across the city, as well as Lifeguard Headquarters at the base of the Newport Pier.

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Newport Beach Lifeguards are recognized as the top agency in the nation, considering their relatively small size.

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Newport Beach Lifeguards hold an annual summer Junior Lifeguard program, one of the nation's largest and oldest.

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Newport Beach has one of the most diverse coastlines in the world, spanning over 6 miles.

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Newport Beach has three sister cities, as designated by Sister Cities International:.

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