14 Facts About NFL Films


NFL Productions, LLC, doing business as NFL Films, is the film and television production company of the National Football League.

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NFL Films dubs sound bites of local radio broadcasts over key plays, because radio announcers are typically more enthusiastic about their home teams than are network television broadcasters.

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NFL Films produces the NFL Game of the Week, which showcases a previous-week's game of the current season.

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NFL Films has a dedicated channel on free over-the-top service Pluto TV that launched in August 2019.

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NFL Films produced for Showtime the five-part miniseries Full Color Football: The History of the American Football League, which aired in fall 2009 as part of the American Football League 50th anniversary celebration.

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NFL Films produces an annual highlight film for each team every season, distributed by home video.

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Presence of NFL Films' cameras allowed for the preservation of video footage from many of the NFL's 1960s era games in an era when sports telecasts were either broadcast live without any recording or whose films and tapes were destroyed and recycled for later use, a practice that did not fully stop until 1978.

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The real value of NFL Films is how it packages and sells the game and many credit it as a key reason that the NFL has become the most watched league in the United States.

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NFL Films has worked with Volkswagen Group in producing Audi's Truth in 24 series about Audi's efforts at the 24 Hours of Le Mans using the signature style to package and sell the marque's efforts in France.

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Sam Spence was long involved in a controversial situation with the NFL Films regarding the rights to perform or use his music in any media outlets.

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NFL Films claimed the NFL had previously falsely that his music had been unlawfully used in the porn film Deep Throat to coax him into signing away the rights to his music.

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NFL Films operates its own in-house 16mm and 35mm Color Negative Processing Lab.

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NFL Films Lab is in charge of the archiving and maintenance of the vault.

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Currently, NFL Films is in the process of re-transferring all of its footage into high-definition format, although the original film will always be kept as it's likely to outlast tape medium in terms of degradation.

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