24 Facts About Nicholas Hoult

1. Nicholas Hoult donated a signed pair of jeans to the organisation; profits from the campaign were donated to the refugee support agency International Rescue Committee.

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2. Nicholas Hoult was inducted into the NSPCC Hall of Fame in 2010, for his contributions to the campaign against child cruelty.

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3. Nicholas Hoult donated a pair of shoes, which was auctioned by Small Steps Project, an organisation that helps homeless and malnourished children.

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4. Nicholas Hoult was appointed the first National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Young Person Ambassador, for supporting the charity's activities aimed at children and young people.

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5. Nicholas Hoult dated American actress Jennifer Lawrence, his co-star in the X-Men films, for five years.

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6. Nicholas Hoult will appear in the British-Irish-American animated television mini-series adaptation of Richard Adams' 1972 novel Watership Down; the mini-series is directed by Noam Murro and adapted by Tom Bidwell.

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7. Nicholas Hoult portrayed American author J D Salinger in Danny Strong's Rebel in the Rye, which chronicles Salinger's life from his youth to the World War II era and the years preceding the publication of his debut novel, The Catcher in the Rye.

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8. Nicholas Hoult highlighted the misogyny and sense of entitlement in the entertainment industry, writing that director Eran Creevy and Hoult would get better offers despite the failure of films like Collide, as opposed to the women and other minority groups, who are either ignored or stereotyped.

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9. Nicholas Hoult responded negatively to Felicity Jones' casting as a damsel in distress, which he said further damaged the film's chances of success.

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10. Nicholas Hoult reprised his role as Hank McCoy in Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past, his only other release of 2014.

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11. Nicholas Hoult said he drew inspiration from Edward Scissorhands because he thought the central characters in both films share the same difficulties.

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12. In 2013, Nicholas Hoult had starring roles in two major films; he first played a zombie named R in Jonathan Levine's romantic comedy Warm Bodies, which was released on 1 February.

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13. Nicholas Hoult was cast as Nux in George Miller's action film Mad Max: Fury Road; the project spent several years in development hell because plans for a fourth film in the Mad Max franchise encountered financial difficulties.

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14. Nicholas Hoult was a student at Sixth Form College Farnborough in 2006 when he was cast in the lead role of the television teenage-drama Skins.

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15. Nicholas Hoult still did not want to pursue acting as a profession and at 14 he left Sylvia Young Theatre School in favour of Ranelagh School, a Berkshire-based Church of England day school.

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16. Nicholas Hoult began attending auditions and at the age of five was cast in the 1996 drama Intimate Relations, his first feature-film role.

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17. Nicholas Hoult practised ballet with his sisters and took part in productions of Swan Lake and The Nutcracker with the English National Ballet.

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18. Nicholas Hoult spent most of his childhood at his family's residence in Sindlesham, an estate village in the borough of Wokingham.

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19. Nicholas Hoult has three siblings: an elder brother James, who is a United States-based biology student; and two sisters, Rosanna and Clarista, both of whom are television actors.

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20. Nicholas Hoult has recently turned to starring roles—mostly in independent films—including three of his 2017 productions; the romantic drama Newness and the biographical films Rebel in the Rye and The Current War, in which he portrayed writer J D Salinger and inventor Nikola Tesla, respectively.

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21. Nicholas Hoult starred in such big-budget productions as the 2013 fantasy film Jack the Giant Slayer, which was a box office bomb, and the 2015 action film Mad Max: Fury Road, which was a blockbuster.

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22. Nicholas Hoult received wide recognition for his role as Tony Stonem in the E4 teenage-drama series Skins.

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23. Nicholas Hoult made his screen debut at the age of seven in the 1996 film Intimate Relations, and appeared in several television programmes between 1998 and 2001.

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24. Nicholas Hoult was included in Forbes magazines 2012 list of 30 under 30.

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