29 Facts About Nick Diaz

1. Nick Diaz displays an unusual boxing style for MMA, relying upon volume punching without full power and occasionally adding in hard punches.

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2. Nick Diaz was victorious, winning by unanimous decision after four rounds.

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3. Nick Diaz made his professional debut in April 2005 against Alfonso Rocha at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, California.

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4. Nick Diaz is a professional boxer and fights in the Super Middleweight weight class.

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5. Nick Diaz is known for having a modified BJJ style that suits his MMA career very well.

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6. Nick Diaz owns a victory over renowned grappler Jorge Patino in competition via kneebar.

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7. Nick Diaz is accomplished in both gi and no-gi jiu-jitsu.

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8. Nick Diaz had served a technical suspension due to outstanding fines with the NSAC as stipulated in his settlement claim.

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9. At that point, Nick Diaz had accumulated a UFC record of 7 wins, 6 losses and 1 no contest, with no successful challenges for a title.

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10. On July 24, 2014, it was announced that Nick Diaz had signed a three-fight contract to return to the UFC.

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11. Nick Diaz attended UFC 170 and had told media that he would return if he could get an immediate title shot.

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12. Nick Diaz was eligible to return to MMA competition in February 2013.

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13. Nick Diaz was briefly linked to a rematch with Condit, but was quickly refuted when Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites in a post-fight drug test.

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14. Nick Diaz vacated his Strikeforce Welterweight Championship title prior to his bout with Georges St-Pierre.

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15. Nick Diaz defeated KJ Noons in a rematch of their 2007 bout for the Strikeforce Welterweight Championship.

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16. Nick Diaz was successful in the fight, defeating Shamrock via TKO due to strikes in the second round.

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17. Nick Diaz came into his next fight at EliteXC's "Return of the KING" event in Honolulu, Hawaii against Muhsin Corbbrey 9 pounds over the weight limit.

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18. Nick Diaz made his debut for EliteXC in Hawaii on September 15, 2007 on Showtime.

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19. Nick Diaz believes they "feel very comfortable that everyone that tests positive in Nevada is truly positive.

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20. Nick Diaz was slated to fight in his hometown again against Canadian John Alessio when he received an unexpected call the night before the fight from the UFC asking to fill in for an ill Thiago Alves at UFC 62.

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21. Similar to his treatment of Sanchez, Nick Diaz made sure that he taunted his opponent plenty before their fight starting at the official press conference at the event in which Diaz confronted Riggs and the two exchanged words.

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22. Nick Diaz was then matched up with judoka Karo Parisyan at UFC 49, but ended up losing a hard-fought split decision.

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23. Nick Diaz won his first two fights but eventually lost in the finals to Jeremy Jackson by TKO.

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24. Nick Diaz would become a champion in just his second professional fight, defeating Chris Lytle for the IFC Welterweight Championship in July 2002 at IFC Warriors Challenge 17.

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25. Nick Diaz became a professional mixed martial arts fighter in 2001 just after his 18th birthday and won his first fight, submitting Mike Wick with a triangle choke at IFC Warriors Challenge 15.

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26. Nick Diaz currently teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu with his brother Nathan in Lodi, California.

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27. Nick Diaz was promoted to black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu by Cesar Gracie on May 8, 2007.

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28. Nick Diaz started training in Sambo at the age of 16 under Bulgarian National Sambo Champion Valeri Ignatov.

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29. Nick Diaz is a former welterweight champion in Strikeforce and WEC, and is the older brother of Nate Diaz.

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