28 Facts About Nikolas Cruz


Nikolas Cruz was spotted and recognized by a staff member who radioed a colleague that he was walking "purposefully" toward Building 12.

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Nikolas Cruz entered Building 12, a three-story structure containing 30 classrooms typically occupied by about 900 students and 30 teachers.

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Armed with an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle and multiple magazines, Nikolas Cruz entered a hallway and began firing indiscriminately at students and teachers.

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Nikolas Cruz first killed three students in the hallway, then fired through the windows of four closed classroom doors, killing six more students and wounding thirteen others.

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Nikolas Cruz's family has filed notice of its intent to sue the school district for personal injury to cover costs related to his recovery.

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Nikolas Cruz's was terrified of being in a classroom and had been treated for survivor's guilt and PTSD.

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Nikolas Cruz was a member of the JROTC and had received multiple awards "including academic achievement for maintaining an A grade in JROTC and Bs in other subjects, " according to CNN.

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Nikolas Cruz was a member of his school's varsity air rifle team.

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Nikolas Cruz returned to Stoneman Douglas High School two years later but was expelled in 2017 for disciplinary reasons.

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Nikolas Cruz had previously received mental health treatment, but had not received treatment in the year leading up to the shooting.

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In February 2017, Nikolas Cruz legally purchased an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle from a Coral Springs gun store, after having passed the required background check.

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One student claimed that Nikolas Cruz had drawn a swastika and the words "I hate niggers" on his backpack.

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CNN reported that Nikolas Cruz was in a private Instagram group chat where he expressed racist, homophobic, antisemitic, and xenophobic views.

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Nikolas Cruz said that he hated "jews, niggers, immigrants" and frequently discussed the weapons that he owned.

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At one point Nikolas Cruz said "I think I am going to kill people" in the group chat, although he later claimed that he was joking.

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Former classmate said Nikolas Cruz had anger management issues and often joked about guns and gun violence, which included threats of shooting up establishments.

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On, 2016, the calls included an anonymous tip that Nikolas Cruz had threatened to shoot up the school, and a tip on, 2017, that he might be a "school shooter in the making" and that he collected knives and guns.

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Nikolas Cruz was an eighteen-year-old junior, and met with the specialists with his mother.

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Nikolas Cruz was advised that if he stayed, he would no longer be able to access special education services, but this was incorrect.

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At his initial arraignment the day after the shootings, Nikolas Cruz was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder and held without bond.

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Nikolas Cruz was placed on suicide watch in an isolation cell after the arraignment.

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Nikolas Cruz was arraigned on, and the prosecution filed notice of their intent to seek the death penalty.

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Nikolas Cruz declined to enter a plea, so Scherer entered "not guilty" on his behalf.

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Nikolas Cruz can be heard crying near the end of the video, and saying "kill me" to the camera.

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Nikolas Cruz made a statement after pleading guilty in which he expressed regret for his crimes and asked the victims' families to decide his fate.

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Nikolas Cruz was given the maximum sentence for each of the related charges, totaling nearly 26 years in prison as each sentence will be served consecutively.

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Later in the year it was announced that the families of the victims had reached a $125 to $130 million settlement with the federal government, due to the FBI's inactivity about tips on Nikolas Cruz's stated desire to commit a school attack and the weapons cache that he had.

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The district spent an undisclosed sum on legal opposition to the releasing of records related to the school's treatment of Nikolas Cruz while he was a student, and the school security procedures.

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