14 Facts About Nintendo Entertainment System

1. Nintendo Entertainment System sold 61.9 million NES units worldwide: 19.35 million in Japan, 34 million in the Americas and 8.5 million in other regions.

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2. Nintendo Entertainment System charged developers considerable amounts of money to produce FDS games, and many refused to develop for it, instead continuing to make cartridge titles.

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3. Nintendo Entertainment System has mimicked the look of the controller in several other products, from promotional merchandise to limited edition versions of the Game Boy Advance.

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4. Nintendo Entertainment System released a 3D headset peripheral called Famicom 3D System for 3D stereoscopic entertainment.

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5. Nintendo Entertainment System would ship the necessary replacement parts only to shops that had enrolled in the authorization program.

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6. In 1989, Nintendo Entertainment System released an official NES Cleaning Kit to help users clean malfunctioning cartridges and consoles.

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7. In October 1987, Nintendo Entertainment System had released a 3D graphic capable headset called the Famicom 3D System.

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8. Nintendo Entertainment System took steps to stop game rentals, but didn't take any formal legal action until Blockbuster Video began to make game rentals a large-scale service.

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9. Nintendo Entertainment System was not as restrictive as Sega, which did not permit third-party publishing until Mediagenic in late summer 1988.

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10. Nintendo Entertainment System produced yellow-plastic carts for internal use at Nintendo Service Centers, although these "test carts" were never made available for purchase.

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11. Nintendo Entertainment System offered repair service for the Famicom in Japan until 2007.

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12. In 2018, Nintendo Entertainment System will add 20 NES games to be playable on the Nintendo Switch via its Nintendo Switch Online service.

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13. Nintendo Entertainment System kept producing new Famicom units in Japan until September 25, 2003, and continued to repair Famicom consoles until October 31, 2007, attributing the discontinuation of support to insufficient supplies of parts.

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14. Nintendo Entertainment System is an 8-bit home video game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo.

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