22 Facts About Norman Lamont

1. Norman Lamont died at his home, Palmiste, San Fernando on the island of Trinidad on 3 September 1949 at the age of 79.

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2. Norman Lamont was appointed to be a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Argyll in 1901.

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3. Norman Lamont took an interest in the history of Scotland and specifically of the Clan Lamont, serving as its President in 1938.

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4. Norman Lamont was educated at Winchester and the Downton Agricultural College, near Salisbury where he received his certificate in 1890.

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5. Norman Lamont was made Minister for Defence Procurement under Margaret Thatcher just before the signing of the first tranche of the Al-Yamamah arms deal‎ disbursed millions of pounds of commissions to various parties.

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6. Norman Lamont was created on, may 8, 1942 in Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland.

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7. In 2008, Lord Norman Lamont became the President of the Economic Research Council, Britain's oldest economics-based think tank.

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8. Norman Lamont attempted to be selected for the European Parliament election, 1999 but was unsuccessful.

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9. Norman Lamont joined with Margaret Thatcher in defending Pinochet, calling him a "good and brave and honourable soldier".

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10. Norman Lamont lost the contest for the candidacy for the new seat to the incumbent Surbiton MP Richard Tracey.

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11. Norman Lamont is the current vice president of the euro-sceptic Bruges Group.

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12. Norman Lamont came to the view that Major had sought his survival in office as a firebreak against the criticism of the ERM policy rebounding on himself.

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13. In June 1993, the first month after Norman Lamont had left the Treasury, Britain recorded its lowest monthly rate of inflation since February 1964.

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14. Norman Lamont replaced Major as Chancellor in Major's new Cabinet, thereby inheriting Major's exchange rate policy.

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15. On 16 May 1991, Norman Lamont stated in parliament that "Rising unemployment and the recession have been the price that we have had to pay to get inflation down.

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16. Norman Lamont served in successive governments under Margaret Thatcher and John Major for a total of 14 years, in the Departments of Energy, Industry, Defence and the Treasury.

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17. Norman Lamont stood as a candidate for Member of Parliament in the June 1970 general election for Hull East.

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18. Norman Lamont is a director of a number of investment funds.

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19. Norman Lamont is a director of the hedge fund company RAB Capital, Balli Group plc, and he is an advisor to Rotch Property Group.

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20. Norman Lamont was born in Lerwick, in the Shetland Islands, where his father was the islands' surgeon.

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21. Norman Lamont is a supporter of the Eurosceptic organisation Leave Means Leave.

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22. Norman Lamont is best known for his period serving as Chancellor of the Exchequer, from 1990 until 1993.

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