11 Facts About Numazu


Numazu is a city located in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

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Numazu is at the northwestern end of the Izu Peninsula, which is a leisure destination known for its numerous hot springs.

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Numazu is located 130 kilometres west of Tokyo and is on the Tokaido Main Line, the main railway line from Osaka to Tokyo.

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Numazu is an ancient settlement, mentioned in Nara period records as the original provincial capital of Suruga Province before the separation of Izu Province from Suruga in 680 AD, and subsequent transfer of the provincial capital to the banks of the Abe River in what is Shizuoka city.

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Numazu prospered in the Edo period from its location on the Tokaido highway connecting Edo with Kyoto, with Numazu-juku and Hara-juku as two of the 53 post stations.

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Numazu town expanded in 1923 by merger with Yanagihara village, becoming Numazu City on July 1,1923.

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Numazu is an industrial city and regional financial center, and its port is a major center of Shizuoka prefecture's commercial fishing industry.

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Numazu produces more dried Japanese horse mackerel than any other region in Japan.

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Numazu is the location of the head office of Suruga Bank, Shizuoka Chuo Bank and Numazu Shinkin Bank.

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Numazu is a gateway to Mount Fuji, Hakone, and Izu Peninsula, which are major tourist attractions.

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Numazu has the longest coastline of any municipality in the prefecture.

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