13 Facts About Oakland Seals


California Golden Seals were a professional ice hockey club that competed in the National Hockey League from 1967 to 1976.

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The Oakland Seals were one of six teams added to the league as part of the 1967 NHL expansion.

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Oakland Seals were the least successful of the teams added in the 1967 expansion, never garnering a winning record and only making the playoffs twice in nine seasons of play.

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Oakland Seals decided to move the team across the Bay from the Cow Palace in Daly City to Oakland to play in the new Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum Arena.

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Oakland Seals were never successful at the gate even after the name change, and because of this poor attendance Van Gerbig threatened on numerous occasions to move the team elsewhere.

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The new-look Oakland Seals were somewhat more successful, making the playoffs for two years, although with sub-.

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The Oakland Seals organization filed suit against the NHL claiming that the prohibition violated the Sherman Act.

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The Oakland Seals are remembered for wearing white skates, but initially Torrey convinced Finley to use green and gold painted skates instead, as team-colored skates were a trend of the period.

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However, this was all for naught, as the Oakland Seals finished with the worst record in the NHL that year.

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The Oakland Seals regularly used the new Boeing 747s the airlines had put into service at the time.

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On May 22,1970, the Oakland Seals traded their pick in the first round of the 1971 NHL Amateur Draft to the Montreal Canadiens along with Francois Lacombe in return for Montreal's first round pick in the 1970 draft, Ernie Hicke, and cash.

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Oakland Seals tried to sell the Seals, but when no credible buyers came forward who were interested in keeping the team in the Bay Area, he sold the team back to the league for A 1973 attempt by Finley to sell the team to Indianapolis interests who planned to relocate the team to that city was rejected by the NHL's board.

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The team's final game in Oakland Seals was a win over the Los Angeles Kings on April 4,1976; league approval for the move was granted on July 14, and the team was renamed the "Cleveland Barons" after the city's old AHL squad.

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