33 Facts About Ohio State


Ohio State University, commonly called Ohio State or OSU, is a public land-grant research university in Columbus, Ohio.

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Ohio State competes as a member of the Big Ten Conference for the majority of its sports.

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Proposal of a manufacturing and agriculture university in central Ohio was initially met in the 1870s with hostility from the state's agricultural interests and competition for resources from Ohio University, which was chartered by the Northwest Ordinance, and Miami University.

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Ohio State began accepting graduate students in the 1880s, and in 1891, the school saw the founding of its law school, Moritz College of Law.

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In 1916, Ohio State was elected into membership in the Association of American Universities.

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In 1952, Ohio State founded the interdisciplinary Mershon Center for International Security Studies, which it still houses.

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Ohio State had an open admissions policy until the late 1980s; particularly since the early 2000s, the college has greatly raised standards for admission, and it has been increasingly cited as one of the best public universities in the United States.

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In 2019, Ohio State filed for trademark protection of "the" when it is used to refer to Ohio State; the application was denied.

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Unlike earlier public universities such as Ohio University and Miami University, whose campuses have a consistent architectural style, the Ohio State campus is a mix of traditional, modern and postmodern styles.

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Ohio State operates North America's 18th-largest university research library with a combined collection of over 5.

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In 1916, Ohio State became the first university in Ohio to be extended membership into the Association of American Universities, and remains the only public university in Ohio among the organization's 60 members.

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Ohio State is the only public university in Ohio to be classified among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Highest Research Activity" and have its undergraduate admissions classified as "more selective".

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Ohio State offers two distinct honors programs for high ability undergraduates: Honors and Scholars.

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Additionally, Ohio State offers the Honors Collegium with membership extended to ten incoming freshmen and following the Spring of a student's first or second year to the university's top undergraduates.

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Ohio State has committed to offering a full-ride scholarship each academic year to at least one student from each of Ohio's 88 counties.

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In recent decades, and in response to continually shrinking state funding, Ohio State has conducted two significant multi-year fundraising campaigns.

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Graduation rate of black males at the Ohio State University is higher than that of other Big Ten Schools.

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Ohio State Union was the first student union built by an American public university.

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The Ohio State Union is dedicated to the enrichment of the student experience, on and off the university campus.

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The second Ohio State Union was completed in 1950 and was prominently along High Street, southeast of the Oval.

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The second Ohio State Union was demolished in February 2007 to make way for the new Ohio State Union, which was finished in 2010.

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Student organizations at Ohio State provide students with opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of interest areas including academic, social, religious, artistic, service-based, diversity and many more.

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Ohio State has two improvisational comedy groups, The 8th Floor Improv and Fishbowl Improv, who regularly perform long and short-form improv around campus and across the U S There are two student-run radio stations on campus.

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Ohio State operates 41 on-campus residence halls divided into three geographic clusters: South Campus, North Campus, and West Campus .

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Ohio State is one of six universities to have won national championships in all three major men's sports .

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Since the inception of the Athletic Director's Cup, Ohio State has finished in the top 25 each year, including top-six finishes in three of the last five years.

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Outstanding sports figures that were student athletes at Ohio State include 1936 Olympics gold medalist Jesse Owens "the Buckeye Bullet", John Havlicek, Jerry Lucas, Bobby Knight, and Larry Siegfried, 2010 Olympics silver medalist Ryan Kesler, Katie Smith and the first three-time player of the year in Big Ten Basketball history Jessica Davenport, Frank Howard, Jack Nicklaus ; and Chic Harley .

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Hall of Fame coaches at Ohio State have included Paul Brown, Woody Hayes, and Jim Tressel in football, Fred Taylor in basketball, Larry Snyder in track and field, and Mike Peppe in swimming and diving.

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Ohio State operates a public television station, WOSU-TV, as well as two public radio stations, WOSU-FM 89.

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Ohio State alumni have appeared on the cover of Time magazine twelve times, with the artwork of alumnus Roy Lichtenstein featured on an additional two Time covers.

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Ohio State alumni have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, the NFL Hall of Fame and the Basketball Hall of Fame.

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In surveys conducted in 2005 and 2006 by the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education, Ohio State was rated as "exemplary" in four of the seven measured aspects of workplace satisfaction for junior faculty at 31 universities: overall tenure practices, policy effectiveness, compensation, and work-family balance.

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In 2008 three Ohio State faculty were awarded Guggenheim Fellowships, placing Ohio State among the top 15 universities in the United States.

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