34 Facts About Olivier Giroud

1. On May 28, 2008, Olivier Giroud signed a three-year contract with the League II, Tours.

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2. Olivier Giroud spent six years training at the club before joining professional team Grenoble when he was 13 years old.

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3. Olivier Giroud is a French footballer who plays for English club Arsenal in the Premier League and the France national team.

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4. Olivier Giroud has a reputation in France for being a likeable and handsome character.

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5. Olivier Giroud was raised in the nearby village of Froges, close to Grenoble.

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6. Olivier Giroud was born on the 30th day of September 1986 in Chambery, south-eastern France.

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7. Olivier Giroud recently came to terms with his current team, Arsenal FC and will be signing a two-year extension contract after the World Cup.

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8. Olivier Giroud is quite active on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and Instagram account.

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9. Olivier Giroud completed his 100th goal for Arsenal on 28 September 2017 during Arsenal's Europa League group game away to BATE Borisov.

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10. Olivier Giroud is a football player who represents French national team.

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11. In 2013 Olivier Giroud stripped naked for Dieux du Stade, a French charity calendar featuring naked sportsmen sold for charity.

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12. Olivier Giroud is a Roman Catholic and has a tattoo on his right arm from Psalm 23 in Latin: "Dominus regit me et nihil mihi deerit".

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13. Olivier Giroud has an older brother, Romain, who was a footballer.

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14. On 28 May 2018, Olivier Giroud scored his 31st international goal for France during a home game against Ireland, equalling Zinedine Zidane's record, and becoming the fourth highest goal scorer of all time for the country.

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15. Olivier Giroud earned his 50th France cap by being in the starting line-up of that match and played every minute of it; he scored the opening goal by heading Dimitri Payet's cross into the goal in the 57th minute.

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16. On 31 January 2018, Olivier Giroud signed an 18-month contract with Chelsea for an undisclosed fee.

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17. On 30 September 2014, his 28th birthday, Olivier Giroud signed a new contract at Arsenal, keeping him at the club until 2018 and increasing his weekly wage to £80,000.

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18. Olivier Giroud scored a header from a Wilshere free kick, and provided an assist for Theo Walcott.

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19. In January 2012, Olivier Giroud was linked with a transfer to several clubs.

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20. Olivier Giroud scored 21 in the league and was named the league's top goalscorer.

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21. Olivier Giroud finished the season with 27 total appearances and 14 goals.

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22. Olivier Giroud was fond of Tours' manager Daniel Sanchez stating "It's always a plus to have a former striker as a coach.

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23. On 28 May 2008, it was reported that Olivier Giroud had agreed to a three-year deal with Ligue 2 club Tours.

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24. On 26 February 2007, Olivier Giroud scored his first professional goal netting the injury time winner against Le Havre.

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25. Olivier Giroud spent five years developing in Grenoble's youth academy before signing his first professional contract at the age of 21.

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26. Olivier Giroud began his football career playing for his hometown club, Olympique Club de Froges.

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27. Olivier Giroud is of Italian descent through both of his grandmothers.

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28. Olivier Giroud was born in Chambery, France in the Rhone-Alpes region, and was raised in the nearby village of Froges, close to Grenoble.

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29. Olivier Giroud made his full international debut for France in 2011.

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30. Olivier Giroud is a French professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Chelsea and the France national team.

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31. Olivier Giroud has gone 10 Chelsea matches without a goal in all competitions this term—but Sarri believes France's World Cup-winner pulls.

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32. Olivier Giroud has gone 10 Chelsea matches without a goal in all competitions this term—but Sarri believes France's World Cup-winner pulls his.

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33. Olivier Giroud has gone 10 Chelsea matches without a goal in all competitions this.

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34. Olivier Giroud once again failed to find the net as Ruben Loftus.

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