13 Facts About Oran


Oran is a major coastal city located in the north-west of Algeria.

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Present-day Oran was founded in 903 by the azdaja and ajissa berbers of the Maghrawa confederation who lived the area and eventually founded the modern city of Oran.

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The governor of Oran, Count Alcaudete, allied himself with Moroccan Sultan Mohammed ash-Sheikh against them.

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However, the former bey of Oran had banned trade with the Spaniards and those dromedaries gradually sent to the king had been sold by thieving tribesmen.

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In September 1831, General Berthezene appointed Mr Pujol as mayor of Oran; he had been captain of cavalry in retirement and was wounded in the right hand under the Empire.

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In World War II, Oran was one of the landing points in Operation Torch, the first American action in the Europe-North Africa theatre in November 1942.

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Today, Oran is a major port and a commercial centre, and has three universities.

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The modern section of Oran is referred to as La Ville Nouvelle and was built after 1831; this section contrasts with the older section, La Blanca.

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Oran'storical district Sidi El Houari is a suburb in the north of the d'Oran city.

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City's public transportation is centered on the Oran Metro covering coastal neighborhoods with the connecting Oran tramway covering suburbs not yet served by the metro.

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Oran has numerous hotels in all categories, from luxury to basic, as well as many restaurants offering Algerian specialities and other foods.

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Water supply in Oran has historically been stressed because of the lack of consistent rainfall.

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Oran's region uses a mix of groundwater, surface water and desalinization .

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