7 Facts About Owen Smith

1. In December 2015, Owen Smith sided with the Labour leadership by opposing the government's plans for military intervention in the Syrian Civil War.

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2. In 2006, Owen Smith said while discussing the Iraq War that "I thought at the time the tradition of the Labour Party and the tradition of left-wing engagement to remove dictators was a noble, valuable tradition".

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3. In his 2016 leadership bid, Owen Smith released proposals for policies aimed at improving workers' rights, such as a repeal of the "Trade Unions Act" and a commitment to ensure workers' representation on remuneration committees.

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4. On 13 July 2016, Owen Smith announced his intention to stand as a candidate in the leadership ballot.

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5. On 10 July 2016, Owen Smith claimed Corbyn and his allies were prepared to see the party split.

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6. On 9 January 2016, Owen Smith voiced an interest in eventually standing for Labour leadership, saying it would be an "incredible honour and privilege" to do the job.

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7. At the time Owen Smith said that Pfizer had been "extremely supportive" of his aspirations to public office.

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