11 Facts About Paris Review


Paris Review is a quarterly English-language literary magazine established in Paris in 1953 by Harold L Humes, Peter Matthiessen, and George Plimpton.

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Paris Review's was followed by Philip Gourevitch from 2005 to 2010, Lorin Stein from 2010 to 2017, and Emily Nemens from April 2018 until March 2021, when Emily Stokes was named editor.

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Under Gourevitch's leadership, the Paris Review began incorporating more nonfiction pieces and, for the first time, began regularly publishing a photography spread.

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The Paris Review announced, in 2006, the publication of a four-volume set of Paris Review interviews.

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Matthiessen maintained that the Review was not part of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, an organization used by the CIA to sponsor an array of literary magazines; but the record shows The Paris Review benefited financially from selling article reprints to CCF magazines.

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Paris Review oversaw a redesign of the magazine's print edition and its website, both of which were met with critical acclaim.

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In September 2010, the Paris Review made available online its entire archive of interviews.

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In October 2012, The Paris Review published an anthology, Object Lessons, comprising a selection of twenty short stories from The Paris Review's archive, each with an introduction by a contemporary author.

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In November 2015, The Paris Review published its first anthology of new writing since 1964, The Unprofessionals: New American Writing from The Paris Review, including writing by well-established authors like Zadie Smith, Ben Lerner, and John Jeremiah Sullivan, as well as emerging writers like Emma Cline, Ottessa Moshfegh, Alexandra Kleeman, and Angela Flournoy.

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In 1964, The Paris Review initiated a series of prints and posters by contemporary artists with the goal of establishing an ongoing relationship between the worlds of writing and art—Drue Heinz, then publisher of The Paris Review, shared credit with Jane Wilson for initiating the series.

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Paris Review Spring Revel is an annual gala held in celebration of American writers and writing.

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