18 Facts About Pat Nixon

1. Former President Pat Nixon survived her by ten months, dying on April 22, 1994.

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2. In late May 1975, Pat Nixon went to her girlhood town of Artesia to dedicate the Patricia Nixon Elementary School.

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3. Pat Nixon's said to her friend Helene Drown, "Dick has done so much for the country.

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4. Pat Nixon's was awarded the Grand Cordon of the Most Venerable Order of Knighthood, Liberia's highest honor.

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5. Pat Nixon's was the first of the American First Ladies to publicly support the Equal Rights Amendment, though her views on abortion were mixed.

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6. Pat Nixon's spoke out in favor of women running for political office and encouraged her husband to nominate a woman to the Supreme Court, saying "woman power is unbeatable; I've seen it all across this country".

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7. Pat Nixon's invited President Kennedy's mother Rose Kennedy to see her son's official portrait.

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8. Pat Nixon's instructed the police who served as tour guides to attend sessions at the Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library, and arranged for them to wear less menacing uniforms, with their guns hidden underneath.

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9. Pat Nixon's had ramps installed for the handicapped and physically disabled.

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10. Pat Nixon's ordered pamphlets describing the rooms of the house for tourists so they could understand everything, and had them translated into Spanish, French, Italian and Russian for foreigners.

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11. Pat Nixon's ordered the American flag atop the White House flown day and night, even when the president was not in residence.

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12. Pat Nixon's worked with engineers to develop an exterior lighting system for the entire White House, literally making it glow a soft white.

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13. Pat Nixon's created the Map Room and renovated the China room, and refurbished nine other rooms, including the Red Room, Blue Room and Green Room.

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14. Pat Nixon's added more than 600 paintings, antiques and furnishings to the Executive Mansion and its collections, the largest number of acquisitions by any administration; this greatly, and dramatically, expanded upon Jacqueline Kennedy's more publicized efforts.

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15. Pat Nixon's traveled to 53 nations, often bypassing luncheons and teas and instead visiting hospitals, orphanages, and even a leper colony in Panama.

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16. Pat Nixon's thought she had prevailed in convincing him, until she heard the announcement of the pick from a news bulletin while at the 1952 Republican National Convention.

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17. Pat Nixon's told Hollywood columnist Erskine Johnson in 1959 that her time in films was "too fleeting even for recollections embellished by the years" and that "my choice of a career was teaching school and the many jobs I pursued were merely to help with college expenses.

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18. Pat Nixon's earned money sweeping the floors of a local bank, and from 1930 until 1932, she lived in New York City, working as a secretary and as a radiographer.

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