22 Facts About Patrick Kielty

1. Patrick Kielty is an Irish comedian and television personality from Dundrum, County Down, Northern Ireland.

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2. Patrick Kielty is active on social media such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

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3. Patrick Kielty is an Irish comedian and television personality who has a net worth of $8 million.

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4. Patrick Kielty gets his name on the nomination for Best Personality List in 2003 and 2000.

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5. Patrick Kielty began his professional career collaborating with his friend Jackie Hamilton in a comedy club; the Empire Laughs Back.

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6. Patrick Kielty is one of the famous comedians and television personality.

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7. At the funeral, Patrick Kielty carried the coffin with his brothers.

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8. Patrick Kielty plays for the 'Rest of The World' team as a goalkeeper and is typically substituted onto the field at the beginning of the second half.

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9. Patrick Kielty has participated in every incarnation of Soccer Aid so far.

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10. Patrick Kielty married television presenter Cat Deeley in a private ceremony in Rome on 30 September 2012.

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11. Patrick Kielty sat in for Alan Carr on his BBC Radio 2 show when he was on holiday.

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12. Patrick Kielty reflected on his relatives' work in the Northern Irish water industry.

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13. Patrick Kielty was the host of the first series of Channel 4's Stand Up for the Week, which began in June 2010 and ran for six weeks.

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14. Patrick Kielty presented Sport Relief in 2010 and 2012 alongside Fearne Cotton.

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15. Patrick Kielty hosted the Saturday morning show on BBC Radio 2 which started on 24 July 2010 and it ran for 10 weeks.

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16. Patrick Kielty debuted in the play at the Grand Opera House in Belfast.

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17. Patrick Kielty hosted the original pilot series of the American version of Deal or No Deal for ABC in early 2004.

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18. From 2001 to 2003, Patrick Kielty hosted 14 episodes of the comedy game show Stupid Punts.

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19. Patrick Kielty graduated to presenting programmes such as Last Chance Lottery and Patrick Kielty Almost Live, broadcast throughout the UK.

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20. Patrick Kielty was persuaded to take part by a Games master who spotted his impersonations of local politicians, celebrities, and sportsmen.

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21. Patrick Kielty is one of three sons born to the businessman John "Jack" Kielty, who was shot dead on 25 January 1988 by the Ulster Freedom Fighters, a cover name used by loyalist paramilitary group the Ulster Defence Association (UDA).

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22. Patrick Kielty was born on 31 January 1971 and is a comedian and television personality from Northern Ireland.

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