21 Facts About Paul Clement


Paul Drew Clement was born on June 24,1966 and is an American lawyer who served as US Solicitor General from 2004 to 2008 and is known for his advocacy before the US Supreme Court.


Paul Clement is a Distinguished Lecturer in Law at Georgetown University and an adjunct professor at New York University School of Law.


Paul Clement was nominated by President George W Bush on March 14,2005, for the post of Solicitor General, confirmed by the United States Senate on June 8,2005, and took the oath of office on June 13.


Paul Clement was one of four children born to Jean and Jerry Clement.


Paul Clement then attended Harvard Law School, where he became Supreme Court editor of the Harvard Law Review.


Paul Clement was one of eight editors of the law review's annual lampoon who oversaw publication of a satirical piece mocking an article by Mary Joe Frug on the one-year anniversary of her murder.


Paul Clement went on to serve as Chief Counsel of Subcommittee on the Constitution, Federalism and Property Rights of the US Senate Judiciary Committee.


Paul Clement served from 1998 to 2004 as an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, where he taught a seminar on the separation of powers.


Paul Clement joined the United States Department of Justice in February 2001.


Paul Clement has argued over 100 cases before the United States Supreme Court, including McConnell v FEC, Tennessee v Lane, Rumsfeld v Padilla, United States v Booker, Hamdi v Rumsfeld, Rumsfeld v FAIR, Hamdan v Rumsfeld, Gonzales v Raich, Gonzales v Oregon, Gonzales v Carhart, Hein v Freedom From Religion Foundation, and Sekhar v United States.


Paul Clement argued many of the key cases in the lower courts involving challenges to the Bush administration's conduct of the war on terrorism.


Paul Clement gave notice of his resignation on May 14,2008, effective June 2,2008, and returned to Georgetown University Law Center as a senior fellow.


Paul Clement had been mentioned as a possible Supreme Court nominee in a John McCain presidency, and was a coveted potential hire among DC legal firms, who reportedly vied to build a firm around his expertise in appellate matters.


The buzz in the legal world about Paul Clement is like the buzz in basketball when LeBron James was coming out of high school and turning pro.


Paul Clement was part of the legal team that represented NBA players in labor negotiations during the 2011 lockout.


Paul Clement advised 10 NFL players in the spring of 2011 when the NFL was facing a potential lock-out.


On March 27,2013, Clement served for the respondent Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group of the United States House of Representatives at the Supreme Court in United States v Windsor.


Paul Clement was mentioned as a potential Supreme Court nominee of Republican presidential nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney.


In 2019, Clement was an attorney for the appellants in the landmark Rucho v Common Cause Supreme Court case, in which partisan gerrymandering was declared a non-justiciable issue.


In September 2020, Paul Clement joined the list of President Donald Trump's potential Supreme Court candidates.


Paul Clement has argued over 100 cases before the United States Supreme Court, and as of November 2011 he had argued more cases before the Supreme Court since 2000 than any other lawyer.