23 Facts About Paul Clement

1. Paul Clement was appointed as the new head coach of Premier League club Swansea City on 3 January 2017, with the club in the relegation zone having sacked their second manager of the season, Bob Bradley.

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2. Paul Clement was hired by Bayern Munich in June 2016 as their assistant manager, again working alongside Ancelotti.

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3. Paul Clement was appointed assistant manager at Real Madrid after Ancelotti became their head coach in June 2013.

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4. Paul Clement was then hired by Paris Saint-Germain after Ancelotti had been appointed their head coach mid-season in December 2011.

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5. Paul Clement returned to Chelsea in 2007, initially working with their under-16 team.

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6. Paul Clement is an English professional football manager and coach who is the manager of Championship club Reading.

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7. Paul Clement worked for the senator for three years on everything from the bipartisan Digital Millennium Copyright Act to the impeachment of President Clinton.

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8. Paul Clement admits he was intimidated when he went for his interview.

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9. Paul Clement is so pre-eminent, in fact, that he is widely viewed as a top choice for a seat on the US Supreme Court in a Republican administration.

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10. Paul Clement will be arguing against President Obama's health care act in the Supreme Court next week.

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11. Paul Clement reminds us they struggled with the same temptations we do.

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12. Paul Clement added to his total with three carries for 12 yards "Obviously we got our butts kicked", Idaho coach Paul Petrino said.

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13. Paul Clement added to his total with three carries for 12 yards while Ricks had a 4-yard gain on his only carry.

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14. Paul Clement added to his total with three carries for 12 yards "Obviously we got our butts kicked", Idaho coach Paul Petrino said.

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15. Paul Clement was mentioned as a potential Supreme Court nominee of Republican presidential nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney.

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16. Paul Clement has argued more than 90 cases before the US Supreme Court, according to the biography on the website of his Washington law firm, Bancroft PLC, more than any other lawyer in private practice.

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17. Paul Clement advised 10 NFL players in the spring of 2011 when the NFL was facing a potential lock-out.

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18. Paul Clement was part of the legal team that represented NBA players in labor negotiations during the 2011 lockout.

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19. Paul Clement gave notice of his resignation on May 14, 2008, effective June 2, 2008, and returned to Georgetown University Law Center as a senior fellow.

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20. Paul Clement resigned on May 14, 2008, effective June 2, 2008, and joined the Georgetown University Law Center as a visiting professor and senior fellow at the Supreme Court Institute.

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21. Paul Clement will partner with compatriot Paul-Henri Mathieu for the doubles event and the duo will meet Mansour Bahrami and Younes El Aynaoui, the former World No 15.

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22. Paul Clement insists he will always carry fond memories from his time at Swansea City, and believes a bright future could lie ahead for his former club.

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23. Paul Clement shares fond memories of "fantastic club" Swansea City after gracious post-match gesture.

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