28 Facts About Paul Dacre

1. Paul Dacre has benefited from subsidies under the Common Agricultural Policy from the European Union.

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2. Paul Dacre owns a home in the British Virgin Islands.

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3. In 2008, Paul Dacre received £1.62 million in salary and cash payments, an increase from the £1.49 million of the previous year.

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4. Paul Dacre was the only media figure in May's first six months as PM to receive hospitality at No 10 in the form of a private dinner in October 2016.

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5. Paul Dacre was reputedly "incandescent" in March 2016 when told by a Westminster source of Cameron's approach to Rothermere, and this strengthened his Brexit convictions.

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6. Paul Dacre refused to retract his response to Hugh Grant at both appearances at the hearings, unless Grant withdrew his statement.

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7. Paul Dacre said he banned the use of all "Whittamore inquiry agencies" in 2007.

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8. Paul Dacre was critical of Cameron who "in a pretty cynical act of political expediency has prejudiced the outcome of this inquiry by declaring that the" Press Complaints Commission, "an institution he'd been committed to only a few weeks previously, was a 'failed' body".

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9. Paul Dacre gave a speech at a Leveson seminar concerning press standards on 12 October 2011.

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10. Paul Dacre demands greater restrictions on the BBC, fewer on his own industry".

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11. Paul Dacre was critical of David Cameron, then just over a year into his leadership of the Conservative Party: "Today's Tories are obsessed by the BBC.

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12. Paul Dacre attacked the BBC as a "monolith" pursuing "cultural Marxism" which has a singular world view and is contemptuous of "ordinary people".

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13. Paul Dacre has a low opinion of "celebrity editors" such as the editor of the Daily Mirror, Piers Morgan.

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14. Paul Dacre has pursued a strategy of appointing star columnists established at other newspapers at significantly raised salaries, including in 2006, Peter Oborne and Tom Utley (for £120,000).

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15. Paul Dacre told Lauren Collins for a 2012 article about the Mail in The New Yorker: "The family is the greatest institution on God's green earth.

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16. Paul Dacre said during a talk given to students in January 2007, that the Conservative Party could not be guaranteed the Mail's support at the 2010 general election, and he queried whether the party was still conservative.

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17. Paul Dacre apparently ceased publishing a page on World News and an American diary as soon as possible after he took over.

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18. Paul Dacre was known in the summer of 1992 to be against Britain's membership of the Exchange Rate Mechanism and the Maastricht Treaty.

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19. Paul Dacre had turned down an offer from Rupert Murdoch to edit The Times believing that Murdoch "would not accept my desire to edit with freedom".

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20. Paul Dacre succeeded Sir David English as editor of the Daily Mail in July 1992.

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21. Paul Dacre was sent to Washington, DC, in 1976 to cover that year's American presidential election, remaining there until 1979, when he moved to New York as a correspondent.

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22. At the Express, Paul Dacre was based in Belfast for a few years before sent to the office in London.

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23. On his graduation in 1971, Paul Dacre joined the Daily Express in Manchester for a six-month trial; after this he was given a full-time job on the Express.

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24. Paul Dacre told the British Journalism Review in 2002: "If you don't have a left-wing period when you go to university, you should be shot" and said of his early experience of editing in November 2008 that it taught him "dull [content] doesn't sell newspapers.

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25. Paul Dacre introduced a pin-up feature in the newspaper called "Leeds Lovelies".

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26. Paul Dacre was educated at University College School, an independent school in Hampstead, on a state scholarship, where he was head of house.

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27. Paul Dacre was born and grew up in the north London suburb of Arnos Grove in Enfield.

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28. Paul Dacre is a Director of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc and was a member of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) from 1999 to 2008.

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