20 Facts About Paul Nehlen

1. Paul Nehlen is a proud member of the alt-Right white supremacist known to fan the flames of white nationalism on his twitter feed.

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2. Paul Nehlen is hitting Ryan hard for his support of secretive trade deals that erode US sovereignty and threaten US workers, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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3. Paul Nehlen was a 2016 Republican candidate for the same office.

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4. Paul Nehlen campaigned and voted for Paul Ryan, but now he is challenging Ryan in Wisconsin's primary.

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5. On May 5, 2016, Paul Nehlen pledged to support Donald Trump for the presidency.

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6. Paul Nehlen is running on a platform calling for secure borders, enforcement of existing immigration laws, and reduced government spending, and he is opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty.

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7. In 2014, Paul Nehlen founded a consulting business out of his home, Blue Skies Global LLC, from which he does pro bono work for mostly personal clients.

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8. Paul Nehlen has held management positions in both foreign and domestic companies.

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9. Paul Nehlen served as a regional advisory board member for Operation Homefront, a national non-profit organization that provides direct financial assistance to the families of active duty service members.

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10. Paul Nehlen is a Wisconsin business executive with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

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11. Paul Nehlen was warmly embraced by then candidate Donald Trump, who vacillated about his feelings, and support, for Ryan.

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12. Paul Nehlen refused to cooperate with police, they said, but the candidate denied that.

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13. Paul Nehlen received endorsements from Breitbart News and people such as Laura Ingraham and Sarah Palin for his run in the 2016 Wisconsin's 1st congressional district primaries.

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14. Paul Nehlen is a critic of the presidency of Donald Trump, calling him a "cuck" and a failure.

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15. Paul Nehlen called John Cardillo and Kurt Schlichter "shekels-for-hire" and posted a tweet with the antisemitic catchphrase "The goyim know".

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16. Paul Nehlen has used white nationalist memes to spread his message.

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17. Paul Nehlen holds several patents related to filtering and manufacturing methods, and registered in 2014 a consulting entity, Blue Skies Global LLC, which does not appear to have conducted any business to date.

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18. Paul Nehlen was unsuccessful during both attempts at running for the office, losing to incumbent Representative Paul Ryan in 2016 and Representative-elect Bryan Steil in 2018.

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19. Paul Nehlen was a Midwest Region advisory board member of Operation Homefront until 2016, and is married to Gabriela Lira.

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20. Paul Nehlen was born in Ohio, and has lived in Delavan, Wisconsin since 2014.

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