13 Facts About Perugia


Perugia is the capital city of Umbria in central Italy, crossed by the River Tiber, and of the province of Perugia.

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Perugia is a well-known cultural and artistic centre of Italy.

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Perugia decorated the local Sala del Cambio with a series of frescoes; eight of his pictures can be seen in the National Gallery of Umbria.

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Perugia was an Umbrian settlement but first appears in written history as Perusia, one of the 12 confederate cities of Etruria; it was first mentioned in Q Fabius Pictor's account, used by Livy, of the expedition carried out against the Etruscan League by Fabius Maximus Rullianus in 310 or 309 BC.

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The Angevin presence in Italy appeared to offer a counterpoise to papal powers; in 1319, Perugia declared the Angevin Saint Louis of Toulouse "Protector of the city's sovereignty and of the Palazzo of its Priors" and set his figure among the other patron saints above the rich doorway of the Palazzo dei Priori.

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Midway through the 14th century Bartholus of Sassoferrato, who was a renowned jurist, asserted that Perugia was dependent upon neither imperial nor papal support.

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In 1347, at the time of Rienzi's unfortunate enterprise in reviving the Roman republic, Perugia sent 10 ambassadors to pay him honour, and when papal legates sought to coerce it by foreign soldiers, or to exact contributions, they met with vigorous resistance, which broke into open warfare with Pope Urban V in 1369; in 1370, the noble party reached an agreement signing the treaty of Bologna, and Perugia was forced to accept a papal legate; however.

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Perugia has become famous for chocolate, mostly because of a single firm, Perugina, whose Baci are widely exported.

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Perugia's plant located in San Sisto is the largest of Nestle's nine sites in Italy.

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The average age of Perugia residents is 44 compared to the Italian average of 42.

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Sir Safety Umbria Volley, in English Sir Sicoma Colussi Perugia, is an Italian volleyball club, playing at the top level of the Italian Volleyball League.

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Martial arts in Perugia have been present since the sixties with Chinese techniques, followed by judo.

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Since 1971 Perugia has taken several measures against car traffic, when the first traffic restriction zone was implemented.

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