26 Facts About Peter Bagge


Peter Bagge is an American cartoonist whose best-known work includes the comics Hate and Neat Stuff.


Peter Bagge won two Harvey Awards in 1991, one for best cartoonist and one for his work on Hate.


In recent decades Bagge has done more fact-based comics, everything from biographies to history to comics journalism.


Peter Bagge has expressed his libertarian views in features for Reason.


Peter Bagge was born in Peekskill, New York, and grew up in the New York City suburbs.


Peter Bagge began his career in New York City in the early 1980s, contributing comics and illustrations to various underground newspapers and pornography magazines.


Peter Bagge sent copies of Comical Funnies to underground comics legend Robert Crumb, who published some Peter Bagge strips in the anthology Crumb was editing, Weirdo.

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Peter Bagge contributed to many issues of Weirdo from that point forward, mostly illustrating stories written by Dave Carrino.


In 1984, Crumb passed on the editorial reins of Weirdo to Peter Bagge, who edited it for three years.


In 1985, Peter Bagge entered into a long professional association with the alternative-comics publisher Fantagraphics, beginning with his first solo series, Neat Stuff.


In 2002, Peter Bagge did his version of Spider-Man for Marvel Comics.


Peter Bagge followed this with a Hulk comic, The Incorrigible Hulk, which was completed but never released due to a management change at Marvel Comics at the time.


From 2005 to 2007, Peter Bagge worked on Apocalypse Nerd, a comic published by Dark Horse Comics about two average, urban males dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear attack on the Pacific Northwest.


Peter Bagge is the subject of the first volume of TwoMorrows Publishing's new Comics Introspective series of books, published in 2007.


In 2003, Peter Bagge became a contributing writer with the libertarian magazine Reason in whose pages he has published both prose and comics pieces over the years.


Peter Bagge made a series of animated commercials for Round Table Pizza.


In 2001 Peter Bagge collaborated with comedian Dana Gould to produce the Macromedia Flash Internet cartoon Murry Wilson: Rock 'N' Roll Dad.


Peter Bagge played drums for the Seattle based power pop band The Action Suits, and guitar for another power pop band, Can You Imagine.


Peter Bagge's signature elastic, kinetic art style is a product of his love for 1940s Warner Brothers cartoons.


Peter Bagge has long been openly libertarian in his politics, and many of his comics feature references to this.


Peter Bagge opposed the Iraq War and criticized George W Bush.


Peter Bagge collected his work for Reason expressing his Libertarian views in the book Everybody is Stupid Except Me: and Other Astute Observations.


Peter Bagge has continued with his strips covering libertarian issues in Hate Annual.


Peter Bagge was presented with an Inkpot Award at San Diego Comic-Con International 2010 in recognition of his achievements in comics.


Peter Bagge was previously nominated for an Eisner Award several times:.

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Peter Bagge was the recipient of a 2014 United States Artists award, and was named a Rockefeller Fellow for Literature.