19 Facts About Dana Gould


Dana Gould voiced Hi Larious in the TV series Father of the Pride and the titular character in the Gex franchise.


Dana Gould was raised Roman Catholic, and served as an altar boy in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester.


Dana Gould wrote and performed on The Ben Stiller Show; one such sketch features Dana Gould as Otto, Cupid's twisted brother, whose arrows convince a young man to fall madly in love with an elderly woman.


Dana Gould appeared in an episode of MADtv as Newt Gingrich and on one episode of Seinfeld as "Fragile" Frankie Merman, Jerry's childhood friend.


Dana Gould co-created and was executive producer on Super Adventure Team.


In 1998, Dana Gould appeared in the episode "Supermarket Story" of The King of Queens.


Dana Gould wrote for The Simpsons for seven years, and served as co-executive producer on seasons 14 through 18.


Dana Gould had a featured cameo in Girls Will Be Girls, in which he played a hit-and-run victim who admits to his alcohol problem after having a desperate one-night stand with aging C-list actress Evie Harris, the other driver in the car accident.


Dana Gould was featured in The Aristocrats, where, among other commentary, he presents an Amish version of the eponymous joke.


Except for the latter, all feature Dana Gould in acting roles.


Dana Gould provided the voice for the title character in the US versions of the Gex video game series and the UK version of the first game.


Dana Gould was a regular contributor to the Adam Carolla radio show where he did impressions of Huell Howser.


Dana Gould appears occasionally on The Adam Carolla Show podcast.


The first episode of Gould's own podcast The Dana Gould Hour was made available on iTunes on January 31,2012.


Currently, a new episode of The Dana Gould Hour is released about every two months.


In 2013, Dana Gould appeared with Melinda Hill and Scott Shriner in an episode of the web series Romantic Encounters.


In 2014, Dana Gould participated as a comedian on Playboy's "Foursome: Walk of Shame" where he joined other comedians in making fun of the program's contestants.


In 2016, Gould created the IFC comedy horror series Stan Against Evil, featuring the talent of John C McGinley, Janet Varney, and Nate Mooney.


Dana Gould appears as the character Kevin, a quirky gravedigger and love interest of Stan's daughter Denise.