25 Facts About Pinarayi Vijayan


Pinarayi Vijayan is an Indian Communist politician who is the current Chief Minister of Kerala, serving since 25 May 2016.


Pinarayi Vijayan served in the government of Kerala as Minister of Electric Power and Co-operatives from 1996 to 1998.


Pinarayi Vijayan is the first chief minister from Kerala to be re-elected after completing a full term in office.


Pinarayi Vijayan had 14 siblings of whom only three survived.


Pinarayi Vijayan is married to Kamala Vijayan and has two children.


Pinarayi Vijayan entered politics through student union activities at Government Brennen College, Thalassery.


Pinarayi Vijayan eventually joined the Communist Party of India in 1964.


Pinarayi Vijayan became Kannur district secretary of the Kerala Students Federation, which later became the Students Federation of India.


Pinarayi Vijayan went on to become the state secretary and subsequently the state president of KSF.


Pinarayi Vijayan then moved on to Kerala State Youth Federation, which later became the Democratic Youth Federation of India.


Pinarayi Vijayan was elected to the Assembly in 1970,1977 and 1991 from Kuthuparamba, in 1996 from Payyanur and in 2016 from Dharmadom.


Pinarayi Vijayan was elected to the Politburo of the CPI in 2002.


Nayanar led LDF won the election and Pinarayi Vijayan was appointed as Minister of Electricity.


Pinarayi Vijayan led the party to a landside victory in the 2004 Indian general election, 2006 Kerala assembly election, 2014 Indian general election and 2016 Kerala assembly election.


Pinarayi Vijayan led Left Democratic Front retained to power with 99 seats, 8 more than in the previous election, marking the first time that an alliance won consecutive terms in the state since its 1977 election.


Pinarayi Vijayan was one among the accused in Kerala's first political murder case, of that of Vadikkal Ramakrishnan who was killed by an axe on 28 April 1969.


The Comptroller and Auditor General of India report had stated that the deal Pinarayi Vijayan had struck as electricity minister in 1998 with Lavalin, a Canadian firm, for the repair of three generators, had cost the state exchequer a staggering Rs 375 crores.


Pinarayi Vijayan had been named as the 9th accused in the case by CBI.


CPI backed Pinarayi Vijayan saying that the CBI move was "politically motivated".


The CPM led Kerala Government decided not to let Pinarayi Vijayan to be prosecuted in the case.


The court has allowed a plea made by Pinarayi Vijayan asking his name to be removed from the list of accused in the case.


On 16 October 2007, Pinarayi Vijayan called Paul Chitilapally, the bishop of Thamarassery in Kerala, a "wretched creature".


Pinarayi Vijayan was speaking at a memorial remembrance of Mathai Chacko, MLA from Thamarassery and a CPI member.


The First Pinarayi Vijayan ministry was accused of appointment of relatives of party members in various departments of the Government of Kerala.


In 2020, Pinarayi Vijayan faced heat from various opposition parties after several members of the chief minister's office were accused in the 2020 Kerala gold smuggling case.