12 Facts About PNC Park


PNC Park is a Major League Baseball stadium located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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PNC Park stands just east of its predecessor along the Allegheny River with a view of the Downtown Pittsburgh skyline.

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PNC Park was the first two-deck ballpark to be built in the United States since Milwaukee County Stadium opened in 1953.

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PNC Park is the first stadium to feature an out-of-town scoreboard with the score, inning, number of outs, and base runners for every other game being played around the league.

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PNC Park was built with Kasota limestone shipped from a Minnesota river valley, to contrast the brick bases of other modern stadiums.

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PNC Park was presented with a model of a statue that was to be erected in his honor outside of PNC Park.

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The first All-Star Game in PNC Park, it was the 5th All-Star Game hosted in Pittsburgh, and the first since 1994.

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PNC Park has yet to see a no-hitter or perfect game thrown by a Pirate.

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PNC Park served as a location for the films She's Out of My League, Abduction, Jack Reacher and Sweet Girl .

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PNC Park has hosted drills to practice evacuation and other responses to a terrorist attack.

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One of only two teams not to increase ticket prices entering the 2009 season, PNC Park ranked as having the third-cheapest average ticket prices in the league in 2009.

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PNC Park is famous for his opening “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and welcome to PNC Park.

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