26 Facts About Jack Reacher

1. Jack Reacher is sympathetic to deserters from the Iraq War and particularly severe on capitalist profiteers.

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2. Jack Reacher has expressed sympathy for gays in the military and undocumented immigrants.

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3. Jack Reacher is a thinker, an intellectual, capable of quoting Nietzsche or coming up with the etymology of "vagrant".

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4. Jack Reacher reminds a bit of a character from the Old West: the strong, mysterious loner who never stays in town for long.

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5. Jack Reacher had only one sibling, brother Joe Jack Reacher, who was two years older than Jack.

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6. Jack Reacher described his mother as "gallic, feminine, obstinate", and "[the] most stubborn woman possible.

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7. Jack Reacher suffers his first ever broken nose in Worth Dying For, at over 50 years of age.

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8. Jack Reacher reveals that his size is purely genetic; he states in Persuader and Never Go Back that he is not much of an exercise enthusiast.

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9. Jack Reacher was extremely tall, and extremely broad, and long-armed, and long-legged.

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10. Jack Reacher generally gains his information simply from talking to people or making minute observations.

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11. Jack Reacher sets a time to wake up at and his body automatically awakens.

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12. Jack Reacher often sets a timer in fights to try and get a tactical edge.

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13. Jack Reacher is shown to be sympathetic to those in need, as seen in The Hard Way where he bequeaths Edward Lane's fees paid to him for the medical treatment and living expenses of a man whom Lane had betrayed many years back.

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14. Jack Reacher was about four when he watched a television show on space adventures.

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15. Jack Reacher states that he has a genetic disposition towards roaming about, citing the British Empire, the Vikings, and the Polynesians as groups with a similar wanderlust.

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16. Jack Reacher has referred to Reacher on multiple occasions as a 'knight-errant' and in an interview for the Time magazine describes the character as: " two things in one.

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17. Jack Reacher commented, "She died young, but she had a smile on her face.

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18. In the same short story, Stan Jack Reacher is depicted as "a child of the depression", coming from a miserly New England family, and as a result was a proponent of the theories of "Waste not, want not", "Make do and mend", and "Don't make an exhibition of oneself.

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19. Jack Reacher described his mother as "gallic, feminine, obstinate", and "[the] most stubborn woman possible.

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20. Jack Reacher explains this to detectives investigating an early morning suicide on a near-deserted New York subway near a visit to a blues club on Bleecker Street.

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21. Jack Reacher is described as skilled marksman, principally in One Shot, being the only non-Marine to win the US Marine Corps 1000 Yard Invitational rifle competition, he won the US Army Pistol Championship and served as a pistol instructor.

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22. In his words, Jack Reacher "raced down the monster" and successfully changed his fear into fury.

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23. Jack Reacher was born on a military base in Berlin, on 29 October 1960.

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24. Jack Reacher is described as being a former major in the United States Military Police Corps.

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25. Jack Reacher likes strong, realistic women, and he treats women with respect.

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26. Jack Reacher is a fictional character and the protagonist of a series of crime thriller novels by British author Lee Child.

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