19 Facts About French Army


Current Chief of Staff of the French Army is General Pierre Schill, a direct subordinate of the Chief of the Defence Staff .

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All French Army soldiers are considered professionals, following the suspension of French Army military conscription, voted in parliament in 1997 and made effective in 2001.

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French Army obeys orders while respecting laws, customs of war and international conventions.

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The French Army Guard joined the revolt and the Swiss Guards were massacred during the storming of the Tuileries palace.

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Under Napoleon I, the French Army conquered most of Europe during the Napoleonic Wars.

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The Grand Army of the 1812 Campaign could not be replaced and with the "ulcer" of the ongoing peninsular war against Britain and Portugal in Spain the French army was badly short of trained troops and French manpower was almost exhausted.

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French Army was committed to the restoration of Spanish monarchial absolutism in 1824.

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The French Army was now uniformed in dark blue coats and red trousers, which it would retain until the First World War.

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The French army was more experienced at mass manoeuvre and war fighting than the British and the reputation of the French army was greatly enhanced.

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French Army troops were deployed into Italy against the Austrians, the first use of railways for mass movement.

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The traditional capote of the French Army infantry continued to be worn in the trenches but in bleu-horizon.

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French Army units stayed in Germany after 1945, forming the French Army Forces in Germany.

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From 1948 to 1966, many French Army units fell under the integrated NATO Military Command Structure.

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French Army created two parachute divisions in 1956, the 10th Parachute Division under the command of General Jacques Massu and the 25th Parachute Division under the command of General Sauvagnac.

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French Army saw maintaining control of Algeria as a high priority.

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When it decided that politicians were about to sell them out and give independence to Algeria, the French Army engineered a military coup that toppled the civilian government and put General de Gaulle back in power in the May 1958 crisis.

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From June 1984, the French Army reserve consisted of 22 military divisions, administering all reserve units in a certain area, seven brigades de zone de defence, 22 regiments interarmees divisionnaires, and the 152nd Infantry Division, defending the ICBM launch sites.

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The holding-operational equipment the French Army is headed by the Service de maintenance industrielle terrestre .

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French Army Commissariat was dissolved on 31 December 2009 and integrated into the joint-service Service du commissariat des armees.

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