33 Facts About PSV Eindhoven

1. Until the industrial revolution, PSV Eindhoven was a small, unimportant town.

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2. PSV Eindhoven can finish third but must reduce their gap to Spurs below three points on matchday five.

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3. PSV Eindhoven are playing for third place against Barcelona, who are looking to win their section for the record 20th time.

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4. PSV Eindhoven have been the side to watch for a high-scoring game recently.

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5. PSV Eindhoven have a decent record between these two sides here in the Eredivisie.

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6. PSV Eindhoven have a long record of exporting players to Old Trafford, with Jaap Stam, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Memphis Depay and Park Ji-Sung all having made the switch.

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7. PSV Eindhoven responded with a block by Ro-Shaun Williams and clearing header by Lee O'Connor typical of the kind of resolute defending on show all evening.

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8. PSV Eindhoven have had a flying start to the new season having picked up 15 points in the last 5 matches.

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9. PSV Eindhoven contains several parks and a lot of open, green space.

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10. PSV Eindhoven hosts a large number of cultural and entertainment-oriented festivals.

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11. PSV Eindhoven is, to some degree, open to forms of impromptu and alternative art.

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12. PSV Eindhoven was home to the Evoluon science museum, sponsored by Philips.

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13. PSV Eindhoven is known as the City of Light, due to the Company Philips originating there and because of the several projects involving lighting up buildings of the city.

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14. PSV Eindhoven hosts four different public institutions for higher and adult education, as well as a number of private institutions offering courses and trainings.

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15. PSV Eindhoven is one of the co-location centres of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.

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16. PSV Eindhoven has long been a centre of cooperation between research institutes and industry.

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17. In 2011, PSV Eindhoven has slipped down the list to number six.

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18. PSV Eindhoven is located in the southeast of the province of North Brabant.

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19. PSV Eindhoven has an oceanic climate with slightly warmer summers and colder winters than the coastal parts of the Netherlands.

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20. At the time of granting of its charter, PSV Eindhoven had approximately 170 houses enclosed by a rampart.

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21. PSV Eindhoven was originally located at the confluence of the Dommel and Gender.

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22. PSV Eindhoven clinched three League titles and one KNVB Cup (1950) before the introduction of professional football in the Netherlands in 1954.

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23. The number stands at 1,159 minutes, which PSV Eindhoven achieved in 2004 with two different goalkeepers: Heurelho Gomes and Edwin Zoetebier.

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24. PSV Eindhoven have played in a European competition every year since 1974; only Barcelona and Anderlecht (since 1964) have a longer streak in play.

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25. PSV Eindhoven was founded by Philips and in the first decades, the club was only open to employees.

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26. PSV Eindhoven was an association until 1999, when it became a public limited company with shareholders (naamloze vennootschap).

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27. PSV Eindhoven used to have an ongoing rivalry with FC Eindhoven, which originated in the 1910s.

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28. The second one, PSV Eindhoven Fans United, serve a more specific purpose: to improve the atmosphere in the stadium.

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29. PSV Eindhoven have attracted around 33,000 people to Eredivisie matches on average in the last years.

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30. PSV Eindhoven have played at the Philips Stadion since its foundation in 1913, when it was still named Philips Sportpark.

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31. PSV Eindhoven apparently appreciated the contrast between his red raspberry drink and his white notepad.

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32. PSV Eindhoven were comfortably crowned league champions in Gerets' debut year, creating a 16-point gap with runner-up Heerenveen.

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33. PSV Eindhoven was responsible for bringing the club to a new level with new accommodations and stadium expansions.

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