12 Facts About Public radio


Public radio broadcasting attempts to supply topics of social benefit that are otherwise not provided by commercial broadcasters.

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CBC's national television operations and some Public radio operations are funded partly by advertisements, in addition to the subsidy provided by the federal government.

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Since the creation of the Corporation for Public radio Broadcasting, Pacifica has sometimes received CPB support.

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NET was shut down by the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public radio Broadcasting after the network refused to stop airing documentaries on varying social issues that had alienated many of the network's affiliates.

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RRI currently operates four Public radio networks carried by some or all of more than 90 local stations, one of them is a national programming network.

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Estonian Public Broadcasting organises the public radio and television stations of Estonia.

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All national television and Public radio stations are broadcast through ERT digital multiplexes across the country and through satellite, via the two digital platforms.

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RUV began Public radio broadcasting in 1930 and its first television transmissions were made in 1966.

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Public radio Broadcasting Services is the national broadcaster of Malta.

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Public radio broadcaster is Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company.

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Public radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine is the national public broadcaster in Ukraine.

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Community Public radio stations reflect a diverse mix of cultures and interests.

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