13 Facts About Ford Foundation


Ford Foundation is an American private foundation with the stated goal of advancing human welfare.

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Ford Foundation makes grants through its headquarters and ten international field offices.

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Since the middle of the 20th century, many of the Ford Foundation's programs have focused on increased under-represented or "minority" group representation in education, science and policy-making.

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Ford Foundation is one of the primary foundations offering grants that support and maintain diversity in higher education with fellowships for pre-doctoral, dissertation, and post-doctoral scholarship to increase diverse representation among Native Americans, African Americans, Latin Americans, and other under-represented Asian and Latino sub-groups throughout the US academic labor market.

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Finally, Henry Ford Foundation II resigned from his trustee's role in a surprise move in December 1976.

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In February 2019, Henry Ford III was elected to the Foundation's Board of Trustees, becoming the first Ford family member to serve on the board since his grandfather resigned in 1976.

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Ford Foundation began awarding postdoctoral fellowships in 1980 to increase the diversity of the nation's academic faculties.

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In June 2020, Ford Foundation decided to raise $1 billion through a combination of 30 and 50- year bonds.

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In October 2020, Ford Foundation partnered with the Andrew W Mellon Foundation to establish the Disability Future Fellowship, awarding $50,000 annually to disabled writers, actors, and directors in the fields of creative arts performance.

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In 2007, the Ford Foundation co-founded the independent Native Arts and Culture Foundation by providing a portion of the new foundation's endowment out of the Ford Foundation's own.

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Writer and activist Arundhati Roy connects the foundation, along with the Rockefeller Ford Foundation, with supporting imperialist efforts by the US government during the Cold War.

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At the height of the Cold War, the Ford Foundation was involved in several sensitive covert operations.

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Sommers alleged that the Ford Foundation funded feminist ideologies that marginalize boys and men.

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