11 Facts About Quiet Revolution


Quiet Revolution was a period of intense socio-political and socio-cultural change in French Canada which started in Quebec after the election of 1960, characterized by the effective secularization of government, the creation of a state-run welfare state, as well as realignment of politics into federalist and sovereigntist factions and the eventual election of a pro-sovereignty provincial government in the 1976 election.

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The Quiet Revolution typically refers to the efforts made by the Liberal government of Jean Lesage and sometimes Robert Bourassa, though given the profound effect of the changes, most provincial governments since the early 1960s have maintained an orientation based on core concepts developed and implemented in that era.

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Quiet Revolution was a period of unbridled economic and social development in Quebec, French Canada and Canada; it parallelled similar developments in the West in general.

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The Quiet Revolution extended beyond Quebec's borders by virtue of its influence on contemporary Canadian politics.

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Also during the time of the Quiet Revolution, Quebec experienced a large drop in the total fertility rate falling from 3.

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The shift in mentality of the Quiet Revolution allowed Quebec to gain further financial autonomy by accessing this area of the economy which, as is evidenced by Hydro-Quebec, is extremely profitable.

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Societal and economic innovations of the Quiet Revolution, which empowered Quebec society, emboldened certain nationalists to push for political independence.

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Several historians have studied the Quiet Revolution, presenting somewhat different interpretations of the same basic facts.

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Rouillard argues that traditional portrayals of the Quiet Revolution falsely depict it as the rise of Liberalism in Quebec.

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Quiet Revolution oversaw the construction and inauguration of Place des Arts.

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Quiet Revolution was one of the key politicians responsible for National League of baseball granting Montreal a franchise, the now-defunct Montreal Expos.

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