101 Facts About Rachel Berry

1. Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry, talented star of the Glee Club who is often bullied by the Cheerios and football players.

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2. Rachel Berry tells Rachel Berry that she doesn't have enough wounds, but Rachel says she can cope.

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3. Rachel Berry asks Brody what a Midnight Madness is and he explains that it is basically NYADA's fight club, but with singing instead of punching.

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4. Rachel Berry says she'll do the scene regardless of whether Kurt wants to support her or not.

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5. Rachel Berry leaves while Finn is sleeping and returns to New York and Brody, who decorated the apartment.

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6. Rachel Berry tried to tell Finn that it is not his fault Emma left.

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7. Rachel Berry has changed and even though Finn was her first love, upon entering New York City, she decides not to dwell in her past and this impacts Finn, because Rachel can't take it anymore.

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8. Rachel Berry is saddened and continues to feel bad that it was her fault that caused Quinn to be injured, but Quinn reassures her.

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9. Rachel Berry is very protective of her Jewish roots and her two fathers.

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10. Rachel Berry is a vegan, a fact revealed to fans in Funk before Vocal Adrenaline eggs her.

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11. Rachel Berry informs her that its a full circle of how she was raised, but tells Tina that Blaine and Kurt have helped her out in her life, and wants to make them happy.

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12. Rachel Berry states that she'll be fine, and can't wait till the baby comes out.

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13. Rachel Berry states they cant kick him out again, because she brought him back in.

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14. Rachel Berry states she should be glad that she came, and that they shouldn't have emergency meetings without Finn.

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15. Rachel Berry begins to walk away, but Rachel Berry begs her to let Will continue run the club, and that she's the decider.

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16. Rachel Berry asks her that isn't life about doing things that you want to do.

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17. Rachel Berry walks up to her, introducing herself about how she's a student in Will's glee club.

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18. Rachel Berry walks in to the church and sits, and Mercedes begins to perform I'm His Child.

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19. Rachel Berry repeats, but Mercedes walks away in disbelief, saying that she has to go to gym class.

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20. Rachel Berry states that they were got a special delivery, Kurt assuming they got it from the trans-choir.

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21. Rachel Berry tells him it was hard after the things that happened.

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22. Rachel Berry questions why he's there, to which he states that he's in Lima for his mother.

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23. Rachel Berry looks worried, and it is seen that Brad was witnessing the whole scene at the piano.

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24. Rachel Berry states that she thought that Kurt had already finished with choosing the setlist for Sectionals, but Sam hands her the list, stating sarcastically that he needs her help with former graduates of college before they went to Broadway.

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25. Rachel Berry encourages them, saying they're doing well as they do it.

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26. Rachel Berry states that Mercedes was right, about being desperate and pathetic to go back.

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27. Rachel Berry states that its just a jacket, and they should be sympathetic to the Warblers, after their school burnt down.

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28. Rachel Berry comes back in, and tells them that the audition she did for the show Mercedes recommended for her, was the caller.

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29. Rachel Berry asks if they were here to thank them for his bar mitzvah, but Sue states that Myron is a new student at McKinley, who wants to join the club.

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30. Rachel Berry states it's all about them, Will explaining that the bar mitzvah will help them with Sectionals.

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31. Rachel Berry states ideas, wanting a bit of Broadway in the performance.

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32. Rachel Berry begins to tell him that they can't, but Sue interrupts, saying that they accept.

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33. Rachel Berry begins to sing Time After Time, everyone sitting around.

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34. Rachel Berry fails at guessing who he's impersonating, as he sits.

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35. Rachel Berry reveals that she would stop them from buying it.

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36. Rachel Berry starts to perform Promises, Promises, ending with her audition.

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37. Rachel Berry looks at Sam, as he dances to the song, smiling.

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38. Rachel Berry says how Sue would hate any song she will choose.

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39. Rachel Berry replies that she doesn't know and that he's not answering her.

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40. Rachel Berry looks very uneasy as Will's glee club gives an epic performance and didn't go easy on them at all.

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41. Rachel Berry is playing the piano when Sam comes in singing "girl you sound so good" and she laughs.

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42. Rachel Berry informs them that her new piano skills will help them out but Kurt only whispers that they are screwed.

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43. Rachel Berry tells Kurt that he is not being supportive and Kurt agrees with her.

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44. Rachel Berry wants her and Kurt to demonstrate but Santana offers to do it instead with Brittany.

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45. Rachel Berry tells them that this is the start of something really special, they group hug and perform Home.

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46. Rachel Berry texts Jane before her audition, telling her that she can do it and that she should remember what she told her.

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47. Rachel Berry walks down the halls, calling out that glee club is back, while Sue is making an announcement over the speakers.

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48. Rachel Berry gets home to find a crying Kurt sitting on her bed.

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49. Rachel Berry goes to the school board to inform them about the missing of the arts at McKinley High.

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50. Rachel Berry goes to Sam who is Coach Beiste's assistant, when a football player comes along acting rude and homophobic.

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51. Rachel Berry is mildly shocked and tells him that's she's sorry for him.

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52. At the Spotlight Diner, Rachel Berry tells Mary about her issues with the script.

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53. Rachel Berry tells them that she has changed her mind and will talk to Mary.

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54. Rachel Berry explains that they need to have a girl talk.

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55. Rachel Berry rapidly becomes aware that Mary is unusual in her creative style, as she hears about her reproduction of the Anne Frank diaries from the point of view of a vacuum.

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56. Rachel Berry begins to ask Rachel Berry questions about herself, but it quickly becomes clear that she is less interested in the truth than in what would make good television.

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57. Rachel Berry thinks it is since the show will revolve around her, she points out that the writer, Mary Halloran, is a genius.

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58. At the diner Rachel Berry gives a short welcome speech and they start to perform Take Me Home Tonight with the retirement home people, giving the dogs to their new families.

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59. Rachel Berry walks with the dogs and Blaine and Artie make the paparazzi notice Rachel.

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60. Rachel Berry made some calls and tweeted from Rachel Berry's account to make sure the paparazzi will be there.

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61. Rachel Berry wants Rachel Berry to take some dogs for a walk where she will be photographed by paparazzi.

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62. Rachel Berry sits back down and says she just found her cause.

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63. Rachel Berry calls in sick so she can audition for the TV pilot, but promises that she will be back for the next show.

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64. Rachel Berry tells him that everyone working on Broadway wants to work on film and TV and that many famous actors started off Broadway.

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65. Rachel Berry asks if it wouldn't be easier if she just took a show off.

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66. Rachel Berry sits in front of a mirror, putting on her make-up for her shows, she starts to sing Wake Me Up while she is shown getting ready for show after show, waking to the stage again and again to perform Funny Girl.

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67. Rachel Berry is not very happy about it and stays silent.

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68. Rachel Berry receives a call from Will, who is calling her from the waiting room.

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69. Rachel Berry recognizes him as the man who walked out on her show.

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70. Rachel Berry performs Who Are You Now thinking of Finn and crying a little.

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71. Rachel Berry is concerned about Sue leaving right at the beginning, hoping that it will not have a negative effect on the audience or the New York Times reporter.

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72. Rachel Berry tells him that she hopes she'll get through the Who Are You Now-performance since it always makes her think of Finn and that she is wearing her Finn necklace since she promised him to get a ticket for her opening night.

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73. Rachel Berry notices that her purse and Finn necklace is missing.

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74. Rachel Berry opens her eyes to find herself in her bed on the auditorium stage of McKinley High School, obviously in a nightmare.

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75. Rachel Berry feels guilty for leaving him to walk home alone, but Blaine reassures her that her being there wouldn't have changed Kurt's actions.

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76. Rachel Berry is offended by it accusing him to be on Tibideaux's side and that he doesn't believe in her.

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77. Rachel Berry is shocked and tells her that she always wanted to be in a Broadway show and that this was the reason why she fought so hard to get into NYADA.

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78. Rachel Berry is heard saying that being part of something special makes you special.

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79. Rachel Berry tells Rachel Berry that becoming a Broadway star isn't her dream and shows Rachel a text where she quits Funny Girl, but asks her not to become sentimental about it.

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80. Rachel Berry says she will never come out of here, meaning the bathroom.

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81. Rachel Berry apologizes to everyone about her outburst that occurred earlier, and then states that Mercedes and her have been talking.

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82. Rachel Berry comments she will have won her first Tony by then, and both of them laugh and then hug.

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83. Rachel Berry starts to laugh and then comments that Barbra and Beyonce feel the same way and Mercerdes replies back with that she will ask them when she gets her first gold record.

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84. Rachel Berry replies back with that Santana is cruel and that she is only doing this due to the fact that Rachel is the lead in Funny Girl and that she is the understudy and that she wants to make Rachel feel bad, to make herself feel better.

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85. Rachel Berry calls Ryder, Rick, and then when she realizes that Santana is telling the truth, she looks down.

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86. Rachel Berry states that there will be a secret ballot for everyone to vote in to see who is the true star of the Glee Club, but states that it is either her or Mercedes.

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87. Rachel Berry is outraged and gets mad at Mercedes and tells Mercedes that she can't because Kurt and her are singing it and that they are switching parts, so Rachel can belt out the high note at the end.

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88. Rachel Berry replies back flustered, but is cut off by Brittany stating that the lies are never going to stop and that Rachel doesn't live in New York and has never been to New York.

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89. Rachel Berry appears in one scene at the end of the episode.

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90. Rachel Berry tells Elliott he can use the song as a means of deciding which girl he thinks is better.

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91. Rachel Berry acts possessive of Elliott, even when Kurt reminds her that she does not own him.

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92. Rachel Berry has moved in with Elliott, telling him that she was kicked out and had nowhere else to go.

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93. Rachel Berry finds Santana at her vanity and tells her she can't be there.

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94. Rachel Berry starts yelling at Santana when she enters the apartment and tells her it isn't personal, but on principle.

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95. Rachel Berry thinks Barbra Streisand owns Don't Rain on My Parade, but thatt during her absence, she is the only person who can sing it, and that it was completely inappropriate from Santana to audition without telling Rachel first.

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96. Rachel Berry is mad at Santana when she tells Kurt what happened.

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97. Rachel Berry is visibly upset and jealous of Santana, and is very confused right after the audition, when Rupert asks her why hadn't she told him about her roommate.

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98. At the auditions, Rachel Berry tells Rupert she can't believe how untalented are people of New York and it isn't surprising that they casted her.

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99. Rachel Berry says it's okay and thatshe forgives Santana, and that it's time for Santana to forgive herself.

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100. Rachel Berry notices a customer at Spotlight Diner refuses to take the order Santana brought to her and asks her why is she so upset.

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101. Rachel Berry puts on some Christmas music as Cody looks around as Santana and Kurt monitor him.

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