10 Facts About Rainbow Brite


Rainbow Brite is a media franchise by Hallmark Cards, introduced in 1984.

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Rainbow Brite made her animated debut in the syndicated prime-time television special, "Peril in the Pits, " which was first aired on June 27,1984.

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Rainbow Brite had an entirely new and smaller group of friends called the Color Crew.

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The story focuses on Rainbow Brite, Tickled Pink, and Moonglow, each representing one of Rainbow Land's Sky Powers, which determine the cycles of the days and seasons.

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Rainbow Brite was produced as large and small dolls while the Color Crew was represented only in the small doll range.

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The large Rainbow Brite dolls came with three pots of Color-Glo Paint and a brush, while the small dolls included a single pot of Color-Glo Paint and a brush.

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Fourth Rainbow Brite generation was the 25th anniversary release and was accompanied by a series of web-episodes produced by Animax Entertainment that were available to stream on www.

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The master toy license belonged to Playmates Toys and their line of Rainbow Brite toys was expected to be in stores in the fall of 2009.

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In Fall of 2016 many new Rainbow Brite items were available at Hallmark stores and online, including several new story and activity books, a new range of greeting cards, and a 1,000 piece Rainbow Land puzzle.

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Rainbow Brite comic was published by Dynamite Entertainment for five issues from October 2018 to February 2019.

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