11 Facts About Animax


Animax Broadcast Japan Inc, stylized as ANIMAX, is a Japanese animation satellite television network, dedicated to broadcasting anime programming.

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Animax is the first and largest 24-hour network in the world dedicated to anime.

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Animax operates as separate 24-hour TV channels for Japan, Asia and South Korea, in addition to VOD platforms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Animax launched separate Asian versions of the channel featuring its anime programming within separate networks and feeds in the respective regions and languages beginning in 2004.

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Animax has sponsored several anime-based events across North America, including hosting an anime festival, in association with other anime distributive enterprises such as Bandai Entertainment and Viz Media, across Sony's San Francisco-based entertainment shopping complex Metreon in October 2001, during which it aired numerous of its anime titles across the centre, including special Gundam, The Making of Metropolis, and Love Hina screenings.

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Towards the end of 2013, the Animax branding was dropped, though Crackle continues to stream anime titles.

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Animax began as a programming block in Spain and Portugal in the channel AXN.

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On 31 October 2010, Animax was removed from DSTV, due to a lack of viewers brought on by channel drift, to be replaced with a more general Sony channel in February 2011, as Sony MAX.

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Apart from operating its programming as a television network, Animax begun launching its programming across mobile television, first beginning in their original home in Japan and subsequently overseas.

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Animax's programming is dedicated to anime, and it has been acknowledged as the largest 24-hour anime-only network in the world.

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Animax have produced and aired uncensored English versions and dubs of anime series, among the most notable of them being their dub of Cardcaptor Sakura, which was shown uncensored and retained all of the original names, plot details and dialogue, and numerous others.

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