33 Facts About Ren Zhengfei


Ren Zhengfei is a Chinese entrepreneur, engineer, and Chinese Communist Party member, who is the founder and CEO of Huawei Technologies, the world's largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and second largest manufacturer of smartphones.


Ren Zhengfei's grandfather Ren Sanhe was a master chef who was an expert in curing ham from Rendian Village, Pujiang County, Zhejiang.


Ren Zhengfei married for the third time to Su Wei, who was reportedly his former secretary.


Ren Zhengfei spent his primary and junior high school in the mountain village near his home.


Ren Zhengfei always wore a single layer coat because of poverty in high school.


Ren Zhengfei later thought the pancake was crucial to his future achievements.


In 1963,19-year-old Ren Zhengfei was admitted to Chongqing Institute of Architectural Engineering to major in HVAC.

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Mao Zedong

In 1966, when Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution, Ren Zhengfei, who was studying in college, received a letter mentioning that his father had been overthrown and criticized for his experience working in the Kuomintang's 412 military factory.


Ren Zhengfei boarded a train surrounded by Red Guards who were asking the passengers about their background.


Ren Zhengfei told his family that there were "infights" in college, and basically no one took classes, but his father told him that knowledge was important and encouraged him to use it to help his brothers and sisters.


Ren Zhengfei collected leaflets and sent them to his mother to encourage his father who was in trouble.


In 1968, Ren Zhengfei graduated from university and was assigned to the 304th Battalion of the 31st Detachment of the Infrastructure Engineering Corps in Anshun, which was founded in 1966, to participate in the construction of the aircraft factory of the 011 base.


Ren Zhengfei served as a technician and engineer, working on automation processes in the chemical industry.


Ren Zhengfei received several awards for his proficiency and excellence in Maoist theory.


In March 1978,33-year-old Ren Zhengfei went to Beijing to attend the National Science Conference attended by more than 6000 delegates.


Later, Ren Zhengfei earned the first money for the company by selling HAX program-controlled switches on consignment.


In September 1991, Ren Zhengfei assembled Huawei program-controlled switch with his employees.


In 1992, Ren Zhengfei invited professors and students from Huazhong Technology University, Tsinghua University and other universities to visit and visit China.


Ren Zhengfei poached Xu Wenwei from the nearby Yilida Group and put him in charge of the hardware.


In May 1993, Ren Zhengfei presided over a meeting of marketing managers and officially launched the JK1000 office telephone, after which more than 200 units were sold.


JK1000 products focus on the use of analog circuit technology rather than digital circuit technology, so that Ren Zhengfei tasted the mistake of not keeping up with the pace of the times.


Ren Zhengfei set up a "everyone shareholding system": converting half of his recorded wages into shares in Huawei, which can be exchanged for cash when he resigns.


In 1995, Ren Zhengfei invited many professors from People University of China to teach at Huawei.


In March 1996, Ren Zhengfei invited professors to form a Huawei basic Law drafting group.


Ren Zhengfei sent the vice president to communicate with him many times without success, but held a grand farewell meeting for him.

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Mao Zedong

In 2002, in the face of Harbor Network Company grabbing the market and poaching people, Ren Zhengfei ordered to withdraw the agency granted by Huawei to Harbor Network to sell Huawei products, and set up a "hit Hong Kong Office" to block Harbor Network Company.


In 2005, Ren Zhengfei dug up all the voice teams of the Harbor Shenzhen Research Institute to Huawei for 1 million.


On May 10,2006, Ren Zhengfei met with Li Yinan at Huawei 3COM headquarters in Hangzhou.


Ren Zhengfei aims at the international market in four steps: the first is the neighboring Hong Kong market, the second is Russia and South America, the third is Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and the fourth is developed countries.


In 1996, Ren Zhengfei led Huawei to compete in the international market, partnering with Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Telecom: Huawei provided it with commercial network products with narrowband switches as its core products.


Ren Zhengfei is a dedicated communist and has sought to ingrain CCP ideology in Huawei's management and corporate culture.


Ren Zhengfei now serves as a deputy chairman of the Board of Directors, but he is not among the current three rotating CEOs.


Ren Zhengfei had annual revenue of US$92.5 billion in 2017.