31 Facts About Richard Webber


Richard Webber goes back to being General Surgery attending, although all the staff still calls him "Chief" due to his history.


Later, Richard Webber accepts to become the head of the residency program mentoring the residents.


In season 17 Richard Webber is appointed Chief of Chiefs of the Catherine Fox foundation.


Richard Webber is a recovering alcoholic and this storyline is exploited in many episodes through the years, especially in seasons 6 and 15.


Richard Webber had an affair with Ellis Grey, Meredith's mother, before the beginning of the series and this impacts his relationship with several characters of the series such as his wife Adele and Maggie Pierce, a hospital surgeon who is later revealed to be his daughter.


Richard Webber was born in 1954, the oldest of three children.


Richard Webber's siblings are former hardware store owner Chris Webber, the father of his-deceased niece, Sabrina and an unnamed younger sister.

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Richard Webber's mother was a music teacher and former receptionist Gail Webber, who played the cello.


Gail was born on 1918 and died at age 46, when Richard Webber was ten years old.


Richard Webber is not close to his younger siblings; they believe he thinks he is better than they are because he is a doctor.


Richard Webber married his wife, Adele on Valentine's Day.


Richard Webber confessed in a later episode that he ended the affair because he believed that Ellis deserved better and that he had too much baggage.


However, in Season 11, Richard Webber admits to Meredith that his ego was simply jealous of Ellis' success as a surgeon, which is why the affair ended.


Richard Webber graduated from Northwestern University.


Richard Webber tries to skirt around it, but Adele, tired of waiting, makes her choice and leaves him.


Since he learned of Ellis Grey's illness, Richard Webber began visiting her regularly, but upon deciding to attempt a reconciliation with Adele, he realizes that he can no longer continue his emotional affair with Ellis.


Richard Webber first thought of recommending Dr Preston Burke as his successor, but after the secret of Burke's tremor and cover-up came out, that plan is put on hold.


Richard Webber eventually chooses Derek, but Derek tells Richard Webber that he should remain chief.


Adele later admits to Richard Webber that the baby, which was a boy, was actually his.


At the start of the fifth season, Richard Webber starts to deal with the fact that Seattle Grace's surgical program ranking has been suffering.


Richard Webber was given the choice by Derek and the board, to retire early or enter a rehab program where he would receive help for his drinking, and possibly gain his job back.


Richard Webber contemplated throwing away his career, which caused him and Derek to get in a shouting match.


Richard Webber later handed Derek the papers agreeing to enter rehab.


Catherine Avery comes to Seattle and develops an interest in Richard Webber but he refuses her advances because he is a married man.


Richard Webber sends him to an OR and stays in the room to restore the power but is seemingly electrocuted.

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Richard Webber slowly recovers from his electrical injuries after putting Meredith as his POA.


Richard Webber accepts an offer to become the head of the residency program mentoring the residents.


Richard Webber continues his relationship with Catherine and plans to propose.


Maggie bears a striking resemblance to Richard Webber, suggesting that he is her father.


Richard Webber wants the patient to be given a name, he picks Gail, a cello player and music teacher.


Richard Webber again fell ill in season 16, but received treatment and returned in the first episode of season 17 consequently being thrown back in to work in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.