60 Facts About Chris Webber


Mayce Edward Christopher Webber III was born on March 1,1973 and is an American former professional basketball player.

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Chris Webber played for the Washington Bullets, Philadelphia 76ers, and Detroit Pistons.

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However, Chris Webber was indicted by a federal grand jury and stripped of his All-American honors by the NCAA as a result of his direct involvement in the Ed Martin scandal.

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Chris Webber is a former National High School Basketball Player of the Year who led his high school Detroit Country Day to three Michigan State High School Basketball Championships.

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On May 16,2021, after being eligible since 2013, it was announced Chris Webber would be a part of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame class of 2021.

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Chris Webber attended Detroit Country Day School from 1987 to 1991 and at the time was the most recruited Michigan high school basketball player since Magic Johnson.

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Chris Webber was named MVP in both the McDonald's and Dapper Dan All-Star games.

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Chris Webber attempted to call for a timeout while his team had none remaining, resulting in a technical foul that effectively clinched the game for North Carolina.

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In that scandal, Chris Webber received over $200,000 from a local booster while playing basketball for Michigan.

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Chris Webber was convicted of perjury and banned from any affiliation with the Michigan program until 2013.

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Chris Webber apparently watched the game from a private suite, rather than in the grandstands near courtside, where the other members of the Fab Five watched the game together.

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In 2002, Chris Webber was charged for lying to a grand jury as part of a larger investigation of a numbers gambling operation, run by Michigan basketball program booster Ed Martin, in Ford Motor Company plants in the Detroit area.

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Chris Webber admitted in the plea that in 1994 he gave Martin about $38,000 in cash as partial repayment for expenditures Martin made on his behalf.

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Chris Webber was ordered to pay $100,000 and perform 330 hours of community service.

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Chris Webber later called Michigan's decision "hurtful" because he and his Fab Five teammates "gave everything to Michigan" while they played there.

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The school conducted its own investigation, and called a press conference to announce it had found "no credible evidence" that Chris Webber had accepted "substantial" amounts of cash from Martin while in high school, and therefore refused to forfeit any games.

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Chris Webber was suspended by the NBA for a total of eight games—five for an unnamed violation of the league substance abuse policies and three for lying to the grand jury.

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Chris Webber made his first post-ban public appearance at the University of Michigan on November 3,2018, when he was invited by football coach Jim Harbaugh to participate as an honorary captain for its game against Penn State; Chris Webber was warmly received at Michigan Stadium.

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Chris Webber was instrumental in leading the Warriors back into the playoffs where they were swept by the Charles Barkley-led Phoenix Suns in three games.

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Chris Webber disliked playing a substantial amount of time at center, given Nelson's propensity towards smaller, faster line ups.

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Chris Webber exercised a one-year escape clause in his contract, stating he had no intention of returning to the Warriors.

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Chris Webber rebounded the following year and was named to his first All-Star team in 1997.

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On May 14,1998, Chris Webber was traded to the Sacramento Kings for Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe.

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When Chris Webber arrived, the Kings signed small forward Peja Stojakovic and center Vlade Divac, and drafted point guard Jason Williams.

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Chris Webber was named to the All-Star team again in 2000 and 2001 while cementing his status as one of the premier power forwards in the NBA.

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On July 27,2001, Chris Webber signed a seven-year, $127 million contract with the Kings.

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Chris Webber made his fourth All-Star team and the All-NBA Second Team.

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Chris Webber was cited as a possible MVP candidate, and made his fifth consecutive All-Star team.

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Chris Webber took some time to fit in with the 76ers' offense, where he was the second scoring option, behind Allen Iverson.

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Chris Webber eventually helped catapult the Sixers to a berth in the 2005 playoffs, where the Sixers lost to the Detroit Pistons.

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However, they did not reach the playoffs in 2006, despite Chris Webber putting up a resurgent 20 points and 10 rebounds per game.

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Chris Webber was unhappy with his role and discussed it with team president Billy King, but claimed he was not requesting a trade.

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Chris Webber has stated throughout his career that he always wanted to play for his hometown team.

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The Pistons were a much improved basketball team after Chris Webber's acquisition, improving their record in the Eastern Conference and solidifying the first seed in the East.

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Indeed, Chris Webber performed well in the 2007 Playoffs despite receiving limited minutes.

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Chris Webber still managed to average 10 points and 6 rebounds per game in the playoffs and shot an impressive 52.

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Chris Webber's efforts were highlighted by a game 5 performance in the Eastern Conference Finals in which Webber scored 20 points on 9 of 13 shooting and grabbed 7 boards.

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Chris Webber played in only nine games for the Warriors, averaging 3.

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On March 25,2008, Chris Webber officially retired from basketball due to persistent problems with his surgically repaired knee and was waived by the Warriors.

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On March 27,2008, Chris Webber made his first appearance on television on Inside the NBA on TNT, alongside Charles Barkley and host Ernie Johnson.

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Chris Webber was inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2021.

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Chris Webber did the Tuesday Fan Night alongside Ernie Johnson and Kevin McHale.

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In 2021, Chris Webber parted ways with TNT on the eve of the NBA playoffs.

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Chris Webber has expressed interest in eventually becoming a GM and owner.

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Chris Webber was the owner of Center Court With C-Webb, a restaurant in Sacramento, California.

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In 2015, Chris Webber was the executive producer for the independent romantic-drama film Somewhere in the Middle by Lanre Olabisi.

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Chris Webber has tried his hand at music production, producing Nas's tracks "Surviving the Times" from his Greatest Hits album and "Blunt Ashes" from Hip Hop Is Dead.

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In 2016, Chris Webber began work as a professor of practice at Wake Forest University, teaching a class in sports storytelling.

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In 2021 Chris Webber announced the launch of a private equity fund for investing in minority-owned cannabis businesses.

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Chris Webber has a personal collection of African-American artifacts which he began collecting in 1994.

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Chris Webber began collecting them upon entering the NBA, starting with the purchase of two slave records.

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Chris Webber believes that these artifacts are a reflection of his beliefs and aspirations.

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Chris Webber initially collected them as encouragements to face life obstacles.

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Chris Webber's collection includes an original 1901 publication of an autobiography by Booker T Washington, and various documents, letters, and postcards signed by Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr.

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In previous years, the Chris Webber Collection has been featured in Crocker Art Museum and Wayne State University.

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On June 28,2007, Webber unveiled his collection of African-American artifacts during the Celebrating Heritage Exhibition at Charles H Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.

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Chris Webber is active in various charities and created The Timeout Foundation in 1993.

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In 1999, Chris Webber created C-Webb's Crew where a group of tickets at every Kings regular home season game would be donated to at-risk youth and their families.

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Later in 1998 during the off-season, while leaving Puerto Rico on a promotional tour for Fila sneakers, Chris Webber paid a $500 fine after US Customs found marijuana in his bag.

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Chris Webber has produced hip hop records, including two songs for rapper Nas: "Blunt Ashes" and "Surviving the Times" and appeared on the skit Chris Webber from Naughty by Nature's Grammy Award-winning album Poverty's Paradise.

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