17 Facts About Rickenbacker


Rickenbacker International Corporation is a string instrument manufacturer based in Santa Ana, California.

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Rickenbacker first conceived of a guitar fitted with a phonograph-like amplifying horn.

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Rickenbacker approached inventor and violin-maker John Dopyera, who made a prototype that was, by all accounts, a failure.

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Rickenbacker made Spanish and Hawaiian style tri-cone guitars as well as four-string tenor guitars, mandolins, and ukuleles.

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Adolph Rickenbacker became a shareholder in National and, with the assistance of his Rickenbacker Manufacturing Company, National boosted production to fifty guitars a day.

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Rickenbacker subsequently formed the Dobro Manufacturing Corporation, later called Dobro Corporation, Ltd, and began to manufacture his own line of resonator-equipped instruments.

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In 1934 the name of "Rickenbacker" was added in honor of the company's principal partner, Adolph Rickenbacker.

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In 1956, Rickenbacker introduced two instruments with the "neck through body" construction that became a standard feature of many of the company's products, including the Combo 400 guitar, the model 4000 bass, and, later, the 600 series.

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In 1963, Rickenbacker developed an electric twelve-string guitar with an innovative headstock design that fit all twelve machine heads onto a standard-length headstock by mounting alternate pairs of machine heads at right-angles to each other.

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Rickenbacker eventually had the guitar's natural alder body refinished in black, and made other modifications, including adding a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece and regularly changing the control knobs.

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Rickenbacker made two new 325s for Lennon and shipped them to him while the Beatles were in Miami Beach, Florida, on the same 1964 visit to the United States: a one-off custom 12-string 325 model and an updated six-string model with modified electronics and vibrato.

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Rickenbacker used this newer six-string model on the Beatles' sequentially "second" appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

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Rickenbacker basses remained popular through the 1970s and beyond.

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Rickenbacker has produced a number of uniquely designed and distinctively trimmed acoustic guitars.

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In late 2006, Rickenbacker gave a license to build Rickenbacker-branded acoustics to Paul Wilczynski, a luthier with a workshop in San Francisco, California.

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Rickenbacker continued to offer all eight models of the Rickenbacker flat top guitar line, building each instrument to order, until his license expired on February 1,2013.

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Rickenbacker are known for their proactive approach to preventing the sale of counterfeits of their instruments.

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