27 Facts About Robb Stark


Robb Stark subsequently appeared in Martin's A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords.

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Robb Stark is 14 years old at the beginning of A Game of Thrones.

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Robb Stark is the oldest legitimate son of Eddard "Ned" Stark and his wife Catelyn, and has five siblings: younger sisters Sansa and Arya, younger brothers Bran and Rickon, and a bastard half-brother Jon Snow.

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Robb Stark is a close friend to Eddard's ward Theon Greyjoy.

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Robb Stark calls his banners and raises a Northern army to aid his maternal House Tully against the invading Lannister army, and scores a crushing victory at Whispering Wood, capturing Jaime Lannister.

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Robb Stark has risen to take his father's place, as a lord of Winterfell and as a focal character in the show.

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Robb Stark is not a point of view character in the novels and is mostly a background character.

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Robb Stark's actions are mainly witnessed and interpreted through the eyes of his brother Bran and mother Catelyn, as well as via memories of Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy.

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Robb Stark continues to win victories against Lord Tywin Lannister's armies, and earns the nickname "Young Wolf" for his ferocity in battle.

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Robb Stark sends his mother to negotiate an alliance with King Renly Baratheon, but Renly is assassinated by his brother, King Stannis Baratheon with blood magic from the priestess Melisandre.

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Robb Stark sends Lord Theon Greyjoy to Pyke to broker an alliance with Theon's father Balon Greyjoy, Lord of the Iron Islands.

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The Freys demand that Robb Stark personally attend the wedding at The Twins as an apology.

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Robb Stark learns that Balon Greyjoy has died and he decides to lead his army to retake the North immediately after the wedding is complete.

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Robb Stark soon learns that his sister Sansa has been forcibly married to Lord Tyrion Lannister.

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Robb Stark is shot by crossbow bolts multiple times, and then personally murdered by his chief vassal Lord Roose Bolton, who has secretly defected to the Lannisters in reward for being named the Warden of the North.

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Robb Stark is portrayed by Richard Madden in the television adaption of the series.

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Robb Stark is the eldest son of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn.

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Robb Stark proves to be a skillful military commander and he wins a succession of battles against Lord Tywin Lannister's forces, earning him the nickname "the Young Wolf".

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Robb Stark sends his closest friend, Lord Theon Greyjoy, to the Iron Islands to broker an alliance with Lord Balon Greyjoy, Theon's father.

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In exchange for Greyjoy support and the use of their naval fleet, Robb Stark intends to recognize the Iron Islands' independence.

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Robb Stark sends his mother to parlay with Renly Baratheon, who has declared himself king and has amassed an army of 100,000.

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Robb Stark offers amnesty to the Ironborn invaders on the condition that they hand over Theon.

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Robb Stark soon meets and falls in love with Talisa Maegyr, a foreign healer from Volantis.

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Robb Stark leads his army to capture Harrenhal, but finds that hundreds of his imprisoned bannermen have been slaughtered.

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Robb Stark himself is shot with multiple crossbow bolts, taunted by Walder, and subsequently executed by Roose with a knife to the heart.

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However, following her death and Jon's banishment, the North is given permission by the newly appointed King Bran Robb Stark to regain its independence, and the Northern lords declare Sansa the Queen in the North.

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Robb Stark is doing it to avenge his father, Ned, and to recover his sisters Arya and Sansa [Robb's intention].

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