6 Facts About Robert Iger

1. In a statement, Disney CEO Bob Robert Iger lauded Dungey for her "curiosity, passion and creativity" and predicted she will be successful at whatever she chooses to pursue.

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2. In a recent investors call, Disney CEO Bob Robert Iger announced plans to expand the streamer internationally and to crank up the volume of original content.

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3. Walt Disney CEO Bob Robert Iger said on Nov 8 the company delivered "record revenue, net income and earnings per share" for fiscal 2018.

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4. In 2006, Disney CEO Bob Robert Iger brought Oswald back to the company, effectively trading commentator Al Michaels to Universal, so he could work on NBC Sunday Night Football, in return for the character.

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5. On Thursday, Disney CEO Bob Robert Iger announced the forthcoming Disney+ streaming service would feature a new Star Wars live-action series starring Diego Luna's rebel spy.

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6. As part of his yearly compensation, Robert Iger earned $44.9 million in 2015.

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