18 Facts About Robin Hunicke


Robin Hunicke is an American video game designer and producer.


Robin Hunicke is a professor of game design at UC Santa Cruz and the co-founder of Funomena.


Robin Hunicke is recognized in the industry for her support of independent game development, experimentation in game design, research in dynamic difficulty adjustment, and the advocacy of women within the games industry.


In 2022 Robin Hunicke was accused of emotionally abusing Funomena employees.


Robin Hunicke was born on March 15,1973, in Albany, New York.


Robin Hunicke began her work with Electronic Arts at Maxis, where she became a designer for The Sims 2: Open for Business after meeting famed game designer and Sims director Will Wright.


Robin Hunicke joined the team in the early conceptual stages for the studio's third project Journey, a multiplayer cooperative adventure game released in early 2012.


In March 2022, allegations were made by anonymous former employees in a YouTube video released by People Make Games that Robin Hunicke had emotionally abused Funomena staff, bringing up sensitive information about their personal lives during workplace discussions regarding performance.


Robin Hunicke later acknowledged in a series of tweets stating that she was sorry for her actions and was taking a break but did not respond to any specific contents of the report.


The report that two days after Robin Hunicke posted her Twitter apology, Robin Hunicke alongside Funomena co-founder Martin Middleton said to staff that there would be layoffs at the studio and that Funomena would likely close due to People Make Games' video and its impact on the studio's ability to secure outside funding.


Robin Hunicke contributes to various video game industry conferences and events throughout the year.


Robin Hunicke is an organizer of the annual Game Design Workshop at the Game Developer's Conference, where she helps organize the event and teaches with designers Doug Church, Marc LeBlanc, Frank Lantz, Stone Librande, Clint Hocking and others.


Robin Hunicke is an organizer of the Experimental Gameplay Sessions at GDC with Jonathan Blow, Doug Church, and Chris Hecker.


Robin Hunicke is an organizer of IndieCade, an annual festival dedicated to independent game development.


Robin Hunicke is a founding member of the IGDA Education SIG, has participated in the Indie Game Jam, helps with the Global Game Jam, teaches at UCSC, is a judge for the Independent Games Festival and a co-head of the Experimental Gameplay Workshop.


Robin Hunicke is interested in how "the notions of fate, meaning, and consequence can be communicated via video games".


On May 21,2008, Robin Hunicke was chosen for Gamasutra's "Gamasutra 20", "honoring the Top 20 women working in the video game industry".


Robin Hunicke earned a spot on the Hot 100 Game Developers of 2009 list by Edge Magazine.