22 Facts About Rocky Romero


Rocky Romero is currently signed non-exclusively to New Japan Pro-Wrestling, better known by his ring name Rocky Romero.

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Rocky Romero's wrestling style incorporates stiff shoot-style kicks and multiple armlock variations resembling mixed martial arts, competing in lucha libre style events in Mexico early in his career.

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Rocky Romero was trained by Antonio Inoki at the NJPW Dojo in Los Angeles.

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Rocky Romero's career has taken him through promotions in the Southern California region to Mexico, where he competed successfully for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, the world's oldest wrestling promotion, and in Japan where he has worked most notably in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he was chosen to become the fourth incarnation of Black Tiger, the villainous gaijin opponent of Tiger Mask.

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Rocky Romero made his debut in Pro Wrestling Noah on March 4,2007, versus Mushiking Terry, casting into doubt the future of the Black Tiger persona.

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Rocky Romero did compete as Black Tiger in August 2007 in Chikara to compete for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship against champion Mike Quackenbush.

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In late 2004 Rocky Romero made a surprise return to CMLL and defeated Virus to regain the championship.

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In early-2008, Rocky Romero returned to CMLL and began working under the name "Grey Shadow", a masked gimmick, without CMLL openly acknowledging that it was Rocky Romero under the mask.

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Rocky Romero left the company at the end of 2005 to focus on working in Japan.

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Rocky Romero returned on January 26,2007 by defeating Davey Richards.

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The following evening, Rocky Romero walked out on his longtime partner Reyes in the midst of a match against the Briscoe Brothers.

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Rocky Romero has been touring with Noah recently and is currently teaming with Atsushi Aoki in the NTV Jr Heavyweight Cup.

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Rocky Romero made his debut for Antonio Inoki's new promotion the Inoki Genome Federation defeating El Blazer.

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Rocky Romero returned at Final Battle 2009, where he won a match against rival Alex Koslov.

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Rocky Romero made his surprise debut at the promotion's television taping in Puebla, Puebla and was announced as a member of Sean Waltman's D-Generation MEX stable at the show.

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On July 4,2010, Rocky Romero turned rudo and joined La Legion Extranjera instead.

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Individually, Rocky Romero set a new record by winning the title for the seventh time.

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Later that same day, Rocky Romero announced he was transitioning into the role of a manager and bringing in a new tag team named "Roppongi 3K" to take on the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Ricochet and Ryusuke Taguchi.

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On February 10,2019 Rocky Romero wrestled Jeff Cobb for the ROH Television Championship as part of ROH's Bound By Honor PPV, but was defeated.

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Rocky Romero wrestled a singles match against Bryan Danielson on the November 10,2021 episode of AEW Dynamite.

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At Bound for Glory on October 23,2021, Rocky Romero made an unannounced appearance as a participant in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match, which he failed to win as he was eliminated by Rohit Raju.

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In 2022, Rocky Romero returned for a match against Eddie Edwards which he failed to win.

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