75 Facts About Frankie Kazarian


Frankie Kazarian is known for his work in Ring of Honor and All Elite Wrestling, as well as several independent promotions, most notably Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, where he has won multiple tag-team and singles championships.


Frankie Kazarian began a tag team with Michael Shane known as Shazarian.


Frankie Kazarian won the ROH Tag Team Championship twice with Daniels and once with Sky and the trio won the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship.


In 2022, Frankie Kazarian worked with Impact Wrestling, where he won his fifth X Division Championship, later signing with the company in 2023, after being granted his release from AEW.


Frankie Kazarian began training with Killer Kowalski in Malden, Massachusetts in 1998, and wrestled his debut match after one month's training, facing Freight Train Dan.


In 2000, Frankie Kazarian joined Ultimate Pro Wrestling, and in March 2001 he formed a tag team with Nova known as "Evolution".


Frankie Kazarian travelled to Japan as part of the Ultimate Pro Wrestling roster in 2002, where he faced Steve Corino, and as part of Evolution he and Nova were defeated by Edge and Christian.

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Frankie Kazarian used to freestyle rap along with his close friends John Cena and Samoa Joe while the three of them were on the road in UPW.


Frankie Kazarian toured the UK, Australia and New Zealand with the now defunct World Wrestling All-Stars promotion in May 2003, where he met Glenn Gilberti and Scott D'Amore, leading to his being offered a job by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.


Frankie Kazarian worked for the upstart Southern Californian promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla from the very beginning, headlining its first event on July 26,2003 against AJ Styles in a losing effort.


Frankie Kazarian began his first major feud as champion with Adam Pearce after Pearce pinned Frankie Kazarian in a six-man tag team match at Pimpin' In High Places.


Frankie Kazarian successfully defended the title against Babi Slymm, Jonny Storm and M-Dogg 20 in a four-way elimination match on the second night of the tournament.


Frankie Kazarian lost the title to Pearce at Taste The Radness on February 22,2004.


Frankie Kazarian spent the next few months, feuding with Pearce and his Hardkore Inc stablemates.


Frankie Kazarian received a title shot against Pearce in a four-way dance, involving Babi Slymm and Jardi Frantz at Rocktoberfest, where Pearce retained the title via disqualification.


In early 2005, Frankie Kazarian feuded with Arrogance, with the rivalry beginning after Arrogance cost Frankie Kazarian, a match against Tony Stradlin at All Nude Revue.


Frankie Kazarian revealed his tag team partner to be Lost's former X Foundation tag team partner Joey Ryan.


Ryan turned on Frankie Kazarian by attacking him after the match and joined Arrogance.


Frankie Kazarian teamed with The Aerial Express to defeat the Arrogance trio on the first night of All Star Weekend.


At Smells Like Speen Spirit, Frankie Kazarian teamed with Petey Williams to challenge 2 Skinny Black Guys for the Tag Team Championship in a losing effort.


Frankie Kazarian unsuccessfully challenged Ryan for the World Championship at Fear of a Black Planet.


Frankie Kazarian defeated Sky via disqualification in the first round of the 2006 Battle of Los Angeles after Sky's manager Jade Chung hit him with a pair of scissors.


Frankie Kazarian was attacked by the Dynasty before his scheduled quarterfinal match against Super Dragon, thus knocking him out.


Frankie Kazarian was carried out on a stretcher and was eliminated from the tournament via forfeit.


At Self-Titled, Frankie Kazarian lost a handicap first blood match to Sky and Chung.

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At Album of the Year, Frankie Kazarian challenged Disco Machine for the latter's ownership of PWG, which Frankie Kazarian lost after a distraction by commissioner Dino Winwood and referee Rick Knox.


Frankie Kazarian left PWG in May 2007, when TNA Wrestling pulled all of their talent from the company.


Frankie Kazarian knew Impact Wrestling President Jeff Jarrett and Scott D'Amore during a World Wrestling All-Stars tour and they invited him to a tryout.


Frankie Kazarian joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in the summer of 2003, and quickly began pursuing the TNA X Division Championship.


Frankie Kazarian was part of the first ever Ultimate X match, on August 20,2003, along with Michael Shane and Chris Sabin, which was won by Shane.


Frankie Kazarian did not appear with TNA Wrestling between October 2003 and March 2004.


Frankie Kazarian started at number one and was one of the final three participants, but was eliminated by The Amazing Red, who in turn was eliminated by Petey Williams.


Frankie Kazarian was pinned by Hammond after Shane miscued on a superkick and knocked him out.


On February 25,2005, Frankie Kazarian left Impact Wrestling and signed with World Wrestling Entertainment.


Frankie Kazarian was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling, the primary developmental territory of WWE.


Frankie Kazarian made his WWE television debut during an episode of Velocity on July 16,2005, under the name "The Future" Frankie Kazarian defeating Nunzio, and remained undefeated throughout July and into August.


Frankie Kazarian later revealed that he had asked for his release after realizing that the company had no plans to revamp its cruiserweight division.


Frankie Kazarian returned to TNA on July 16,2006, at Victory Road, in a Championship match loss to TNA X Division Champion Senshi.


Frankie Kazarian then began attacking Dustin Rhodes, and stealing things from Rhodes' alter ego "Black Reign".


Frankie Kazarian then failed to win the X Division championship at Slammiversary, losing to the X Division Champion Petey Williams.


Frankie Kazarian led Team TNA in the 2008 World X Cup and was in the final round at Victory Road, but lost after he pulled off a huge leg drop on Daivari off the top of the Ultimate X structure.


Frankie Kazarian was later interviewed by Karen Angle to further the storyline, and claimed that after failing to beat Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and letting down his company in the finals of the World X Cup, he had fallen out of love with wrestling and, so, had made the decision to leave.


Frankie Kazarian debuted at Final Resolution in December 2008 as a face, swinging to the ring on a cable, attacking the Motor City Machine Guns.


At Destination X Frankie Kazarian defeated Daniels, Kendrick and Amazing Red in a four-way ladder match to earn another shot at the X Division Championship.


At Lockdown Frankie Kazarian defeated Homicide and Shannon Moore in a three-way steel cage match to win the vacant TNA X Division Championship for the fourth time, after Douglas Williams was stripped of the title due to being unable to attend the event.

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At Sacrifice Frankie Kazarian lost the X Division Championship to Williams without ever actually holding the physical belt.


The heel turn was completed the following week, when Flair interfered in his match with Jay Lethal, which led to Frankie Kazarian scoring the roll-up victory, while grabbing a hold of his opponent's tights.


Styles, trying to impress his mentor, attacked Lethal, which led to an argument between him and Frankie Kazarian, who wanted to finish Lethal off himself.


At Slammiversary VIII Frankie Kazarian lost his spot in the rankings to Kurt Angle.


Frankie Kazarian won the match between the members of Fortune, after a miscommunication between Williams and James Storm.


On January 9,2011, at Genesis Frankie Kazarian defeated Lethal to win the X Division Championship for the fifth time.


Styles were defeated in the finals of the Wild Card Tournament by the team of Magnus and Samoa Joe, when Frankie Kazarian abandoned Styles and left the ringside area with Christopher Daniels, turning heel in the process.


However, in the main event of the evening, Frankie Kazarian revealed that he was still on Daniels' side, when the two defeated Styles and Angle, after Frankie Kazarian hit Styles with a steel chair, to regain the TNA World Tag Team Championship.


Three days later at Hardcore Justice, Frankie Kazarian unsuccessfully challenged Devon for the TNA Television Championship.


On December 9 at Final Resolution, Frankie Kazarian was defeated by James Storm in a singles match, and again on the January 3,2013, episode of Impact Wrestling, beginning a rivalry between the newly christened Bad Influence and Storm.


At Supercard of Honor IX Frankie Kazarian was defeated by Michael Elgin.


At Field of Honor Frankie Kazarian was involved in a nine-way gauntlet match for an ROH World Television Championship shot, which was won by Takaaki Watanabe.


At Survival of the Fittest Frankie Kazarian was involved in a Survival of the Fittest tournament match which was won by Jay Briscoe Raymond Rowe and Rhett Titus was in the match.


On February 11,2017, during Ring of Honor tapings, Frankie Kazarian turned on Daniels and joined Bullet Club.


Later that same event, Frankie Kazarian turned on Adam Cole and Bullet Club, revealing his betrayal of Daniels to have been a ruse and helping Daniels win the ROH World Championship.


On ROH TV taping Frankie Kazarian was unsuccessful at winning the ROH World Television Championship against Marty Scurll.


Later that night, Frankie Kazarian was unsuccessful at winning the ROH World Championship against Cody.


In January 2019 it was revealed that Frankie Kazarian would be one of the first signees to All Elite Wrestling, a new wrestling promotion started by wrestlers Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks.


Frankie Kazarian then returned to teaming with his longtime tag team partner Christopher Daniels, as Scorpio Sky would distance himself from SCU.


Frankie Kazarian would try out singles competition for himself, facing and losing to Jon Moxley on the May 6,2020 episode of Dynamite.

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In 2022, Frankie Kazarian engaged in a feud with his former tag team partner Scorpio Sky over the TNT Championship, which led to Sky turning on Frankie Kazarian by hitting him with the TNT Championship belt after defeating him on the May 13,2022 episode of AEW Rampage.


At the Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill pay-per-view, Frankie Kazarian cut a promo saying he was done with AEW and he had signed a contract with Impact Wrestling.


Sources stated that Frankie Kazarian would be welcomed back to AEW if he chose to return in the future.


At Hard To Kill, Frankie Kazarian made his first appearance since losing to Alexander, cutting a promo saying he is officially signed to Impact.


Frankie Kazarian plays bass guitar and is in a band called VexTemper.


Frankie Kazarian made a cameo appearance on an episode of The Man Show where Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla learned how to wrestle.


Frankie Kazarian appeared in the film Backyard Dogs in 2000 as "Snake Duggan" and was on an episode of Distraction with Curry Man and Samoa Joe.


Frankie Kazarian was referenced in Mike Vallely's documentary, Mike V's Greatest Hits, in which one part of it involved the pro skater spending part of his time as a wrestler.


Frankie Kazarian made a cameo appearance in MTV's Made when The Motor City Machine Guns were making a Michigan choir boy into a professional wrestler.


Frankie Kazarian is the bass guitarist of the band VexTemper, whose song "Get Addicted" was used as his and Christopher Daniels' entrance theme in ROH.