18 Facts About Scott D'Amore


Scott Francis D'Amore was born on August 8,1974 and is a Canadian retired professional wrestler, manager, promoter, booker and entrepreneur.

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Scott D'Amore began training with Doug Chevalier in 1991 at the age of sixteen.

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Later that year he formed a tag team with Dave Clark as "Scott D'Amore Hunter" known as "Gross Misconduct", with the duo depicting ice hockey players.

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Scott D'Amore began working as a booker and producer for promotions throughout Canada.

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Scott D'Amore founded Border City Wrestling in 1993 along with Doug Chevalier and Chuck Fader.

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In February 2000, Scott D'Amore formed a stable known as The Syndicate when he allied himself with Rhyno to defeat D'Lo Brown.

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Scott D'Amore then turned heel again by betraying one of his students of the CAN-AM Wrestling School and BCW Champion, Phil Atlas.

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Scott D'Amore began working with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, TNA, as a road agent in 2003, and brought in Chris Sabin, one of his former pupils.

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Scott D'Amore led Team Canada to numerous victories, feuding with Jerry Lynn, Dusty Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes.

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On December 12,2004, Scott D'Amore organised a benefit show for Sabu, who was incapacitated with a serious back injury.

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Scott D'Amore was taken on a stretcher as Team Canada spent weeks afterward talking about him being in the hospital.

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On November 13 at Genesis 2005, Scott D'Amore tried to get the premiering Christian Cage, a longtime friend, to join Team Canada, and gave him a T-shirt to signify membership.

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However, in August 2009 Scott D'Amore was hired back to TNA as the primary road agent for the Knockouts division.

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Scott D'Amore left TNA on February 3,2010, just as it was announced that BCW would be merging with BSE Pro to form Maximum Pro Wrestling.

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In 2014, Scott D'Amore became the Vice President of International Relations with Jeff Jarrett's new Global Force Wrestling promotion.

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Scott D'Amore then took on the role as Head of Creative with Impact.

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From May 2021, Scott D'Amore has held this role alone, after Callis left his position.

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Scott D'Amore holds a degree in Communication studies from the University of Windsor where he played on the football team.

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