69 Facts About Jerry Lynn


Jerry Lynn has worked for promotions such as World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation, NWA Total Nonstop Action, and Ring of Honor.


Jerry Lynn retired as an active wrestler on March 23,2013, exactly 25 years after his career began.


Jerry Lynn started wrestling in March 1988 in various independent promotions in the Minnesota and Michigan areas, one being Pro Wrestling America, where he won both their Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight championships.


Jerry Lynn first joined the World Wrestling Federation in May 1989 as enhancement talent, losing to Rick Martel, and teaming with Ray Brown in a loss to Big Boss Man and Akeem later that night.


In June 1991, Jerry Lynn wrestled for the Global Wrestling Federation based in Dallas, Texas.


Jerry Lynn engaged in a two-year feud with The Lightning Kid which gave both men considerable exposure in North America.


In 1992, Jerry Lynn would take a role as an unnamed high school senior and as a stuntman in the movie Crossing the Bridge; to prepare for the role, he did an angle with the Lightning Kid, where Kid cut Jerry Lynn's hair and sold it in small bags at $4 a bag, making a total $80.

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In July 1995, Jerry Lynn returned to Michinoku Pro under the masked alter-ego Golgotha Cross, a villain from the Tiger Mask manga.


Jerry Lynn joined WCW's cruiserweight division, where he competed against the Mexican luchadores and a variety of wrestlers from around the world such as Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Sabu, Chris Jericho and Alex Wright.


Jerry Lynn suffered a broken arm on December 18,1995, in a match against Dean Malenko that would air one week later on Nitro on Christmas night.


Jerry Lynn lost to Taka Michinoku on Friday Night Main Event and defeated Steve Casey on WWF Shotgun Saturday Night.


Jerry Lynn formed a team with Tommy Rogers as the two began a rivalry with the team of Chris Candido and Lance Storm, losing to them in a match at Ultimate Jeopardy.


Jerry Lynn then formed a tag team with Chris Chetti to feud with The Full Blooded Italians, whom Lynn and Chetti defeated in matches at Hostile City Showdown and Living Dangerously.


Jerry Lynn was next booked in a series of matches against his fellow debutant Justin Credible, which saw Credible winning the last match in the feud at the Heat Wave pay-per-view.


Once the feud with Lance Storm was ended, Jerry Lynn was booked in a match for the ECW World Television Championship with Rob Van Dam at Living Dangerously in 1999.


Around the same time, Jerry Lynn suffered a broken ankle, taking him out of action.


On his return to ECW TV, Jerry Lynn challenged Van Dam to one more match at Hardcore Heaven, which Jerry Lynn won due to interference by Scotty Anton.


On October 1,2000 at the Anarchy Rulz, Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.


Jerry Lynn held the title for one month, making a successful title defense against Steve Corino, to whom he lost the title to in a re-match.


At the last ECW pay-per-view, Guilty as Charged in 2001, Jerry Lynn was in the main event, losing to Rob Van Dam via a Van Terminator.


Jerry Lynn made his TV debut on the April 29,2001 episode of Sunday Night Heat, where he defeated Crash Holly for the Light Heavyweight Championship in his debut match.


Jerry Lynn eventually lost the title to Jeff Hardy and had a notable match with Rob Van Dam for the WWF Hardcore Championship on an episode of Sunday Night Heat before being released in February 2002, following a knee injury.


Jerry Lynn would take part in a tournament to determine a new International Cruiserweight champion, but lost to AJ Styles in the finals on the Eruption PPV.


In May 2003, Jerry Lynn entered another tournament to determine a new International Cruiserweight Champion, and won the vacant title by defeating Chris Sabin in the finals.


In early June 2002, Jerry Lynn signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, taking part in the first ever TNA match as part of a six-man tag match against the Flying Elvises.

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Jerry Lynn became a TNA road agent, planning matches and coaching younger talent.


Jerry Lynn made his return to the ring on June 10,2005 when he faced Justin Credible at Hardcore Homecoming, an ECW reunion show organized by ECW alumnus Shane Douglas.


Jerry Lynn came out at Final Resolution to watch a match which was Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Matt Bentley taking on the team of Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong and Austin Aries.


Jerry Lynn continued to make several other appearances throughout the rest of 2006, and even faced Bobby Roode in a losing effort during TNA's first house show in Detroit.


On January 14,2007, Jerry Lynn made his return to regular in ring competition returning to TNA to compete for the TNA X Division Championship against Chris Sabin and then-champion Christopher Daniels at Final Resolution, in which he delivered his trademark cradle piledriver to Daniels and subsequently got pinned by Chris Sabin.


Jerry Lynn carried on to feud with Sabin over the X Division title.


At Destination X, Jerry Lynn was defeated by Chris Sabin in a two out of three falls match.


At Sacrifice, Jerry Lynn won a four-way X-Division battle between himself, Alex Shelley, Senshi, and Tiger Mask.


On June 17,2007 at Slammiversary, Jerry Lynn teamed up with former NFL tight end Frank Wycheck to defeat the team of James Storm and Ron Killings.


Wycheck pinned Storm after using Jerry Lynn's signature move, the cradle piledriver.


Jerry Lynn wrestled the majority of the match and was knocked out cold by an interfering Kevin Nash, followed by a pinfall by Chris Sabin.


Jerry Lynn made several appearances for Ring of Honor, prior to becoming a full-time roster member.


Jerry Lynn made an appearance for Ring of Honor, where he wrestled ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness in a non-title match, which he lost.


Jerry Lynn has wrestled in ROH's sister promotion Full Impact Pro on two occasions, wrestling Austin Aries and Roderick Strong in a Three Way Dance, before taking on Aries the next night in a singles match.


Jerry Lynn has wrestled on ROH's PPV taping on September 19,2008 in a losing effort to Chris Hero.


On September 22,2008 Jerry Lynn was named a full-time member of the ROH roster.


At Manhattan Mayhem III, Jerry Lynn lost the ROH World Title to Austin Aries in a Three Way Dance, which involved Tyler Black, on June 13,2009.


Jerry Lynn received the Pro Wrestling Illustrated award for "Comeback of the Year" for 2009 for his stint in ROH.


Jerry Lynn returned to ROH on December 16,2012, at Final Battle 2012: Doomsday, where he was defeated by Mike Bennett in his final match with the promotion.


At Destination X, Jerry Lynn was defeated by Van Dam in a singles match.

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Jerry Lynn worked for the All World Wrestling League presents Big Time Wrestling from late 2003 to early 2004.


Jerry Lynn participated in the East Coast Wrestling Association's eleventh-annual Super 8 Tournament, which he won after defeating Sonjay Dutt in the finals on November 10,2007 in Newark, Delaware.


In June 2007, Jerry Lynn debuted for Anarchy Championship Wrestling, based in Austin, Texas.


Jerry Lynn won the ACW Heavyweight Championship in his first match by defeating Scot Summers.


Jerry Lynn would hold the title for six months and after two time limit draws, Jerry Lynn lost the title back to Summers in a no time limit match in January 2008.


Jerry Lynn continued wrestling for ACW through 2008 and in November, he won the ACW tag team titles with Scot Summers.


Jerry Lynn returned to ACW for a match in August 2011 and then again at the start of 2012.


Jerry Lynn participated in Pro Wrestling Syndicate's Majestic Twelve Tournament on March 22,2008 in Yonkers NY.


Jerry Lynn teamed with Kenny Omega in the first round defeating Tommy Suede and Kevin Matthews.


However, Jerry Lynn refused to accept the belt and instead challenged the champion Larry Sweeney to a title match at the next show.


On May 17,2008, Jerry Lynn defeated Sweeney to officially become IWC Super Indy Champion.


On September 13,2008, Jerry Lynn lost the Super Indy title to kayfabe apprentice Johnny Gargano in a 3 Way Dance, which included Super HENTAI.


On March 10,2012, Jerry Lynn announced that he would retire from professional wrestling at the end of the year.


On September 14,2012, Jerry Lynn made his debut for Chikara, when he, Too Cold Scorpio and Tommy Dreamer entered the 2012 King of Trios as "The Extreme Trio", defeating Team WWF in their first round match.


On November 10,2012, Jerry Lynn wrestled for MPX in Bedford, Texas where he won a fatal four way to become the MPX Champion.


On February 9,2013, Jerry Lynn defeated Lance Storm in his final match in Pro Wrestling Syndicate in the Main Event of the show.


Jerry Lynn wrestled his retirement match at the Minneapolis Convention Center on March 23,2013, which was the 25th anniversary of his debut as a professional wrestler.


Jerry Lynn faced Horace the Psychopath, JB Trask and Sean Waltman in a four-way match, in which he was victorious.


Jerry Lynn was backstage at Ring of Honor's Best in the World 2014 pay-per-view in Nashville, Tennessee, where he now lives.


In December 2015, Jerry Lynn returned to Ring of Honor where he had a confrontation with ROH World Champion Jay Lethal.

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At Final Battle 2015, Jerry Lynn would be on commentary during the main event between Lethal and AJ Styles alongside Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness.


In 2019, Jerry Lynn signed with All Elite Wrestling as a coach and producer.


Jerry Lynn interfered in the match, allowing Private Party to win.


Jerry Lynn made an appearance in Philadelphia following Rampage on October 8,2021 when Tony Khan called him out alongside Dean Malenko, Taz and Chris Jericho to thank them for inspiring him.