44 Facts About Alex Wright


Alexander Wright was born on May 17,1975 and is a German former professional wrestler and professional wrestling promoter.


Alex Wright wrestled professionally in Germany and Japan before signing with World Championship Wrestling in 1994.


Alex Wright remained a prominent mid-card performer during his seven-year tenure with WCW, including reigns as a one time Cruiserweight Champion, a one time World Television Champion and a one time World Tag Team Champion.


Alex Wright was the owner, founder and CEO of New Sport Entertainment GmbH which is the company that owns New European Championship Wrestling.


Alex Wright wrestled his first match in 1991 in Germany when he was sixteen years old.


Alex Wright wrestled in his hometown during his early career and worked in Japan.


Alex Wright signed a contract with Time Warner, the parent company of WCW, and went through more training at the WCW Power Plant.


Alex Wright originally wrestled as a babyface and was known as "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright.


Alex Wright wrestled Arn Anderson for the WCW World Television Championship on an episode of WCW Saturday Night and beat Anderson by DQ.


Alex Wright started wrestling against fellow cruiserweight and babyface Brian Pillman, whom he defeated in the opening match at The Great American Bash.


Sabu won the match but continued to attack Alex Wright, even putting him through a table.


Alex Wright had several matches against Eddie Guerrero, with a very notable match taking place on The Main Event before Fall Brawl 1995: War Games, which resulted in a draw.


Alex Wright had several matches in '95 and '96 against Dean Malenko.


At World War 3, Alex Wright took part in the first-ever three-ring 60-man battle royal for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship, which was won by Randy Savage.


Alex Wright represented WCW against NJPW's Koji Kanemoto but ended up losing the bout to Kanemoto.


At Slamboree, Alex Wright was forced by WCW to be teamed with his wrestling and dancing nemesis Disco Inferno in a tag team match against Slater and Eaton.


Alex Wright wrestled and lost to Chris Benoit on that card.


At World War 3, Alex Wright again participated in a three-ring, 60-man battle royal, with the winner getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.


WCW had Alex Wright wrestle in several tag team matches with fellow midcarders, mostly on the losing side.


Alex Wright was then pushed as a heel for the remainder of 1997, which led to his first championship gold: on the July 28 edition of Nitro, he defeated Chris Jericho to win the Cruiserweight Championship.


Alex Wright was able to successfully defend the TV title against Lord Steven Regal on an episode on Nitro.


Alex Wright feuded with Steve McMichael after McMichael's valet Debra left him and became Alex Wright's valet.


Alex Wright ordered the feud and in the rivalry, Wright defeated McMichael at Halloween Havoc, with help from Goldberg, who promptly attacked Wright postmatch.


The next month at World War 3, McMichael took out Goldberg prior to their match and Alex Wright was literally dragged to the ring by Debra to wrestle McMichael again, and this time suffered a defeat.


Alex Wright would go on to be managed by Debra for a little while longer.


Alex Wright then cut ties with Debra after a string of losses that Wright claimed was her fault.


Alex Wright then began an angle where he claimed that he was the best WCW wrestler to come out of Europe.


British Bulldog disputed Alex Wright's proclamation, leading to a feud between Alex Wright and Inferno against Bulldog and Jim Neidhart.


Alex Wright feuded with another fellow European wrestler, Fit Finlay, because he blamed Finlay for ending his father's career.


Alex Wright took his father's revenge from Finlay by beating him at Halloween Havoc.


Alex Wright again competed in the 60-man battle royal at the '98 edition of World War III, with that year's battle royal being won by Kevin Nash.


At the beginning of 1999, Alex Wright was kept off WCW television for an extended length of time until May, when Alex Wright came up with his own idea for a gimmick.


Alex Wright was clad entirely in black with a long trench coat and arrogantly refused to speak English.


Alex Wright was booked to face Buff Bagwell at Fall Brawl shortly after his debut, but the match did not take place.


WCW replaced Bagwell with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Alex Wright's problems continued as Duggan no-sold all of Alex Wright's offense and did not cooperate in the ring.


Alex Wright helped Disqo in getting the victory and the duo reunited as the Boogie Knights.


Alex Wright was now completely bald but had returned to his previous dancing mannerisms.


However, four days later on Nitro, due to Disqo being out with an injury, Alex Wright and substitute Elix Skipper lost the titles to Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak, two other members of the Natural Born Thrillers.


Alex Wright then started an angle where he kept KroniK as his bodyguards to squash other cruiserweights.


Alex Wright remained under contract with AOL Time Warner, as his contract was not bought out by the WWF.


Alex Wright fell out of the spotlight after the folding of WCW and has not appeared on American television since then.


Alex Wright stated in an interview that WWE could not sign him as he was one of the few who was under contract with AOL Time Warner at the time.


Alex Wright stated that he took a break from wrestling as he was not happy with the backstage politics in WCW that were happening at the time.


Alex Wright appears in the wrestling themed episode of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends.